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Our courses are Different -and being different is what gives you an edge.
These are alternatives to mainstream education; updated more often than mainstream education, developed and taught by faculty who not only "teach" but also work in industry.
Strong student support is offered; not only during: but also before and after study!
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Animal Grooming Bookkeeping Foundations Life Coaching

Small Business Study small business, consulting, entrepreneurship, business planning and more. Management Study bookkeeping, finance, project, management, personnel & leadership skills. Marketing Study marketing foundations, sales, PR, marketing psychology and more. Information Technology Study web design, computer programming, computer servicing, graphics and more. Psychology Study human behaviour, motivation, industrial and marketing psychology, counselling, etc. Tourism Study to be a Tour Manager, learn tour guide skills, ecotourism and more. Hospitality Study food service, accommodation management, event management and more. Ecotourism and Adventure Activities Tour Guide, Bushcraft, Plants, Animals and more Health Study health sciences, complementary medicine, nutrition, and medical support, etc. Leisure Management and Fitness Study to be a Fitness Instructor, Life Coach, Leisure Centre Manager, Play Leader and more. Writing and Journalism Study freelance writing, writing for children, creative writing, editing, ESL, publishing, etc. Photography Study photographic business, photo technology, photo retailing, wedding photography, etc. Farming courses Study farm management, poultry, horses, animal health care, cattle, sheep, organics, etc. Horticulture courses Study production or amenity horticulture, gardening, landscaping, crops, and more. Pet Care Courses Study and work with pets - healthcare, breeding, training and more. Environmental Study zoology and environmental management, botany, ecology, marine, ornithology, and more. Science courses Study science and technology - biochemistry, botany, human biology, zoology, mechanics, etc. Training / Teaching Study education - course writing, lecturing, distance education, alternative education, and more. General Courses Learn vocational skills in research, thesis development, problem solving, writing, etc.

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Operating since 1979,our goal is to be an alternative mainstream education; more focused on learning than the qualifications (we do award qualifications though as well).
Over many years we have discovered these differences give our students an advantage!
We believe the world is changing too fast for mainstream education to keep up; and that the only way of developing the best education is to step outside the mainstream, but at the same time, maintaining high academic standards.

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