Code of Practice



1. Educational standards
ACS Distance Education will ensure that policies and management practices are adopted which maintain high professional standards in the marketing and delivery of education services, and which safeguard the educational interests and welfare of students. Our first priority is to help students learn.

2. Marketing
ACS will market the educational product with integrity, accuracy and professionalism.

3. Trainee information
ACS will provide sufficient accurate information to students, which sets out the total costs/fees to students and the objectives, assessment procedures and competency standards and outcomes to be achieved by the students. This will include:
  • Copy of the Code of Practice
  • Admission Procedures & Criteria
  • Copy of the Refund Policy
  • Details of all Fees and Costs incurred in a course
  • An explanation of Documentation (or Certification) to be issued
  • Aims to be achieved
  • Assessment procedures
  • Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit Transfer
  • Grievance/appeal procedure
  • Support services including facilities available.

These items are accessible for students through one or more of the following places:

  • Study guides
  • Web Sites
  • On line Student Room
  • Student Manual
  • Handbook
  • On request from ACS student services.

4. Recruitment
Recruitment of students will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner.
Recruitment will rest on an assessment by the institution of the extent to which the stated competency standards and outcomes of the course are likely to be achieved by the applicant given his/her qualifications, proficiencies and aspirations. This assessment will be made by appropriately qualified staff.
Acceptance into courses will comply with all equal opportunity legislation.

5. Refund Policy
The Australian Correspondence Schools has a refund policy in place, which is fair and equitable. The policy will contain guidelines for guaranteeing the refund of fees to students should the School close down for any reason.
Students notifying the school of their withdrawal from their course within 14 working days of receiving course notes, qualify for a full refund of course fees only (not including postage & handling & administration fees).
The school cannot accept responsibility for changes in your personal circumstances.
Due to being correspondence in nature, courses can be deferred or postponed.
An amount equal to $5,000 is:

  • kept in a separate account;
  • not used for any other purpose such as capital improvements to the School;
  • to be accessed only when the service is rendered, preferably on a week-by-week basis.

Details of this policy are made to the students on enrolment.

6. Trainee Grievances/Appeals
In the event of a grievance, the student is first required to submit details of the matter in writing. Every effort will be made to settle the grievance internally, in a fair and equitable manner, to the satisfaction of both parties.
In the event that the matter cannot be settled, the trainee will be advised of an appropriate legal body where they can seek further assistance.
A student may appeal against results any time within a period of 3 months after receiving results.

7. Guarantee
The school guarantees to honour any statement made in this code of practice, or in the current

8. International Students
Anyone studying an external course from outside of Australia will be treated in a fair and equitable manner, and treated in accordance with this code of practice and all information provided in the current handbook.

9. Sanctions
ACS accepts that various accreditations, affiliations and memberships held by this institution could be withdrawn should the Code of Practices not be implemented or abided by.

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