Why Study with ACS?

ACS Distance Education stands out from other Vocational Training Colleges. The following points show why:-

  • Our graduates are extremely successful.
  • All our courses are unique (and to be successful in today's world...you need to be unique… doing a standard course that is taught by many different colleges may in fact restrict your opportunities for employment.
  • Our standards have not been degraded in recent years, like many other colleges.
  • Flexibility – you can study when and where you want, choose what to study, mix and match an extremely wide range of modules in a way to suit you.
  • Tutors are highly qualified and experienced - more so than for most other colleges (our minimum requirements for tutors are set higher than some other vocational colleges.
  • Service to students is more immediate than at other colleges – Tutors are on duty 5 days a week – on call as you need them, this type of service is virtually unheard of elsewhere.
  • Service is guaranteed, because unlike most, it isn't subject to changes in government funding or policy.
  • Internationally recognised and accredited courses (through International Accreditation & Recognition Council).
  • Recognition through various industry bodies.
  • Arrangements through other institutions leading to higher qualifications.
The Problem With Mainstream Education
Today's world is very different to the past. It is changing very fast; and the most successful people are those who are seeing new ways of doing things; acting on their ideas quickly, and being part of the "change" that drives the world.
Mainstream education offered by universities and government backed colleges, by definition, is unlikely to ever be "cutting edge".  Mainstream courses need to be developed by bureacratic processes (lots of planning, auditing, administrative processes); and as such they end up being based on ideas conceived years earlier. They also tend to have large numbers of people studying the same or similar things; graduating with similar attitudes, skill sets and capabilities.
In the past, we offered mostly mainstream and accredited courses; but as the world began moving faster and faster; we came to thew realisation that this approach to education was no longer relevant.
To learn what you need to learn for tomorrows world; your education needs to be different to others; and you need to develop an ability to understand the changes that happen around you, see opportunities, and act on those opportunities before others. This is where our focus lies.
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