Learning Methods

Everyone has a natural tendency to learn in ways different to everyone else.

Psychologists know that most people have a psychological tendency to learn by processing information; but some are "wired" to be information gatherers, rather than information processors. Some people learn processing in their head; and others need to process things outside of their own head. Some will learn fast, and others need to take a slower approach to learning.

Our courses have been designed, as far as possible, to accommodate different styles of learning from the pace at which you learn, to where and what you learn. It all starts with choices about the course and the way the course comes to you; but that's only the start. Through your course, you are given lots of flexibility in how you approach things, each step of the way.

Initial Options Include:

  • Studying Online
    Online courses are conducted through our online training system. This is a unique, robust, cloud based system; built by our in house computer programmers, specifically to fit with our courses. Many other colleges and universities are using generic software such as "moodle" which has features that are out of their control. This can be limiting; and if something goes wrong with the software, the institution is relying on the people in another organisation to fix it. We use our own software. We control it. It fits 100% with our courses. You access all course materials through this website, and also complete interactive Self Tests to enhance your understanding of ideas or identify potential weak areas in your knowledge. Assignment submission is through the online assignment submission system (also built and managed by our in house IT department)..
  • E-Learning
    Similar to online courses, except all course materials are mailed to you on a USB instead of accessed on the internet. Assignment submission is through the online assignment submission system.
  • Automated Short Courses
    These are self paced, 20 hour study programs; with everything from your enrolment through to awarding of your certificate of completion, controlled by computer software developed by our programmers. Utilizing cutting edge technology all the way; you can enrol, pay course fees into pay pal; your payment approval then triggers an email explaining how to proceed, and access to the course. You are then given instructions (options to read or listen to an audio). After this you proceed to work through lessons as fast or slow as you wish; undertaking automated self assessment tests at the end of each lesson, choosing practical/additional learning tasks to undertake as you go. On concluding the final lesson; you undertake a major online exam; and on achieving a 60% pass rate, you are given a "Certificate of Completion" carrying your name and date, to download as a PDF, to save or print as you wish


Note: not all courses are currently available in online and e-learning forms.

  • Discounts from online courses are not displayed until you click the "enrol now" button.
Study options Online USB with Tuition

Fee details

Fee is discounted 5%

Full course fee applies

How do I receive course materials?

Supplied as material accessed over the internet (You can download and save or print notes if you wish)
Access to materials is fast. A return email is sent with details within 1 working day

Supplied as material accessed from a USB. You don't need to be on the net to access materials
A USB is sent (faster than correspondence course, not as fast as online).

How are assignments submitted?

Assignments are submitted by email

Assignments are submitted by email

What do the course materials include?

Interactive Self Assessment Tests always included.
Extra colour photos and illustrations often included

Lessons, Course Material and Assignments

What support do I receive?

Full Support services provided –access to tutors, video library, online library, student room etc.

Full Support services provided –access to tutors, video library, online library, student room etc.

What will I receive upon completion of my course?

Statement of attainment or qualification awarded on successful completion

Statement of attainment or qualification awarded on successful completion

  • 5% discount applies to ACS Distance Education Students enrolling in further courses.
  • 5% discount applies if two or more people enrol.
  • Discounts for large groups are available. Price on application.
  • Only one (1) discount per person per enrolment can be claimed at any one time.


Fully automated 20 hour short courses, launched in 2016. See www.studyacs.com


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