If you can’t find something that suits your needs, design your own bespoke qualification with ACS.

Select the 100 hour modules that you would like in your custom qualification, select a course title, complete the form and we will have one of our academic staff members contact you. If your subject selections are approved, you will receive an enrolment link to enrol and pay for the course.

* When naming your course, you will need to ensure that there are at least 60% of the subjects that align with the topic in your course name. We can help you select a name for your course if you are unsure.

Build Your Own Course

Step 1

Choose a name you wish to give to your course and the qualification required. For the Certificate qualification you will be given the option to replace 1 module for 4 short courses(20 hrs each). If you choose to do so, you will have to select the short courses from the options list displayed.

Short Courses


Step 2

Choose a category from the category list and add the modules you want to the " My Course" list. You can choose modules from 1 or more category by selecting different categories on the options list.

Please choose a category preferences from the following list




E-Learning (USB Stick)
Online (5% discount)

Step 3

If you would like a quote, please complete this form. Please skip this step if you are buying now.

Step 4

If your subject selections are approved by an academic staff member, you will receive an enrolment link to enrol and pay for the course.

If you would like to have some more advice on your selection, please mention this in the notes and we can contact you and advise you on which modules would be a suitable selection for you.

There is more on design your own courses here.

You might be eligible to apply for RPL. Read more about RPL here.


To gain an official Statement of Attainment or to be awarded a qualification (i.e. Certificate, Diploma etc) successful completion of the exams is required. Exams are to be sat and paid for on completion of each module.

Exams are UK £27.00