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Learn more about farm animals.

You may have a small holding; or perhaps already own or work on a commercial farm. Maybe you are involved with farm animals, working in the supply of goods or services to agriculture; or perhaps you are planning to study and prepare for a future career in farming.

Animal farming today is more complex than it has ever been; and yet working with animals still remains a very "grounding" experience. It gives you a very different perspective on life and many would say, has the potential to make you a better person.

Animals have been farmed by man for thousands of years; producing meat, fibre, leather and other products. For thousands of years they ploughed our fields, moved our produce and entertained us at the race track. Some past uses may have diminished in the developed world; but animal farming remains a cornerstone of most modern economies. Livestock farming is an industry that is unlikely to ever go away - and a career or business in this industry is something that can be extremely rewarding.

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