What is a Bachelors Degree and What is it's Value

There was a time (perhaps up until late in the 20th century), when a lot less people studied bachelors degrees at university; and with fewer graduates, the competition for work among those graduates was much less.

Having a degree is simply not something that sets a person apart from the crowd anymore.

Today's world is a more literate and informed world than in the past. People learn about things from the internet, podcasts, cable TV and all manner of other sources; and by communicating with each other, society is becoming increasingly educated -with or without a university qualification.

The reality is that often a person who hasn't been to university, may know more about science than a person who has.  Employers today recognise that skill, knowledge and learning are important; but increasingly, they don't care so much any more, whether your education was formal or informal. If you want work you need an education. It's important to recognise that a Bachelors Degree is a valuable way of getting that education; but to stand out from the crowd, you need more than just that degree. It is important to build your experience, networking and other peripheral skills just as much as it is to complete your course.

Having a diploma, can often be just as useful as a degree -particularly if you add substantial experience, networking, and ongoing learning after graduation.

We do offer a range of degrees in conjunction with Warnborough College, Ireland.  You can undertake diplomas with us at ACS Distance Education, then upgrade, transferring to a degree with Warnborough College, and getting full credits for diploma modules taken.

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