In theory, there should be no real difference as far as a plant is concerned in the nutrients it receives from hydroponics compared with normal soil gardening or organic gardening.
  • The plant takes in and uses exactly the same molecules from the air in all three.
  • The plant needs exactly the same temperature, light and moisture conditions with all three methods.
  • The plant absorbs exactly the same plant nutrients into it's roots from all three methods of growing.
  • The only differences are really in the way the nutrients are supplied to the plant.

Research that compares hydroponics and organics is limited though; and it can be argued that sweeping statements cannot be supported scientifically.

With Organic gardening ....nutrients are supplied as complex chemical molecules (in the main), which are from the tissues of decomposing animals or plants (or their by‑products). These complex molecules are broken down in the area of the roots to form much simpler compounds which are then able to be taken in by the roots of the plant.

B.With soil gardening ....the soil contains both simple and complex compounds. Fertilizers applied are both simple and complex compounds. The simple compounds are absorbed direct. The complex compounds are broken down and then absorbed.

C. With Hydroponics.....nutrients are applied as the same simple chemicals which occur in soil, or which organic compounds in soil break down to form. They are in a ready to use state as soon as applied.

Hydroponics can be potentially cleaner

Because hydroponic growing is isolated from soil, it is also easier to protect the plants from pollutants, and other contaminants. Microorganisms and chemical pollutants are less likely; to find their way into a hydroponic crop, and that may also include things that are harmful to man.

How Nutritious is Hydroponically Grown Food

Some commercial growers have claimed hearing of USA research has indicated that food plants grown in hydroponics can sometimes be lower in nutrient value; however the same research has indicated that by ionizing the nutrient solution, it may be possible to increase the nutrient value of hydroponically grown food to a point where it is more nutritious than food grown in soil, even organically.

What about Organic Hydroponics?

Yes, this is possible, even though it may seem a contradiction.

Why Do People Choose to Grow Hydroponically then?

  • Some grow hydroponically because it offers an opportunity to produce cleaner, healthier food
  • For some it is a fascination; just something they get hooked on like any other hobbyFor commercial growers, it offers greater control over a crop, and profitability may be better
  • For others, particularly elderly or disabled people; this is a way of gardening that can be less strenuous and more intensive. They can often garden hydroponically, when they cannot garden other ways.


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