There are many different breeds of domestic horses.

All existing breeds however have emerged originally  from a small number of sub species, each having been developed into breeds with particular characteristics suitable to the geography, climate and human needs in the part of the world where they were located. 

What has emerged is a small range of types or denominations, for example: Ponies, Draft Horses, Warm bloods, and Thoroughbreds

Each of these types has broad or generalised characteristics that are perceived as common or “typical” to the type. For example: ponies would tend to behave, as a group, a little differently to thoroughbreds.

Typical Pony Behaviour

  • High capacity to learn
  • Alert, lively, lots of stamina
  • Not demanding
  • Herd instinct very strong
  • Aggressive response to harsh treatment

Typical Draft Horse Behaviour

  • Calm and gentle temperament
  • Can be slow but very confident and sure footed to move
  • Slow to learn but once learnt, behaviours remain fixed
  • Stubborn unless a positive relationship has first been established with humans
  • Tend to fight with other horses, particularly if kept in larger groups

Typical Warm-bloods and Thoroughbreds

  • Very sensitive and easily excited
  • Move fast
  • Jump well
  • High endurance levels
  • Higher intra species aggressiveness
  • Herd instinct often weaker



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