There are many opportunities for people to work in the photographic industry; but this is a popular vocation, and there is often a great deal of competition, particularly in working as a photographer. If you want to a secure future working in photography, it is wise to seek employment not only as a photographer, but also in any related job (which may in due course lead to opportunities for advancement, or side stepping into a more desirable position).

Opportunities may be found in:

-Photographic Sales or Marketing

-Publishing (Purchasing, managing and processing images)


-Freelance Photography (particularly family portraiture, and special events such as weddings)

-Photographic Suppliers (eg. Camera manufacturers)



Undertaking a course is often a good starting point.

Your choice of course should be determined by not only what you want or need to learn but also how much time, money and effort you are able to put into a course. Study takes an effort and does eat away at your resources, so it is sometimes better to start slowly (eg. with a short course or certificate) and later undertake something bigger (eg. a diploma or degree).

ACS Distance Education offers a number of excellent starting points including:

Introduction to Photography

Advanced Certificate Applied Management-Photography

Certificate in Photography