How to Plan to Photograph a Wedding



When taking group photos (e.g. the bridal party or parents with bride and groom), the married couple should be prominent and that can mean placing other people behind them. If the others are short though, they can be out of view, so it may be necessary to have something for them to stand on, such as a wall, seats or short step ladder. You should think about such needs before they arise.

Consider all if the shots which may be required, how they will be taken, and what you will need to take them. It may be useful to compile a list (example below), and discuss it with the bride and groom before the wedding, checking what shots are critical to them, and what their priorities might be.

Checklist of Wedding Shots (examples)

At The Ceremony:

·       The bride and father arriving

·       Mother of the bride arriving

·       Each member of the wedding party coming down the aisle

·       Exchanging of rings

·       Reciting the wedding vows

·       Minister blessing the couple

·       Couple kissing in the church

·       Signing the register

·       Walking out of the church

·       Couple outside the church

·       Bridal party outside church

·       Throwing confetti

·       Parents with bride and groom at front of church

·       Any other rituals relevant to ethnic or religious background of the couple

·       Guests outside church

·       Bride and groom leaving church

At The Reception:

·       The receiving line

·       Bride & groom arriving

·       Master of ceremonies

·       Best mans toast

·       Any other speakers/toasters

·       Grooms speech

·       Bridal waltz

·       Bride dancing with father

·       Cutting wedding cake

·       Bride and groom at wedding table

·       Bridal party at wedding table

·       Other tables with guests

·       Bride throwing bouquet

·       Any other rituals relevant to ethnic or religious background of the couple

·       Bride & groom departing reception

Other Shots:

·       Bride alone (portrait)

·       Groom alone (portrait)

·       Bride & Groom (portrait)

·       Bride & Groom with parents

·       Bride with her parents

·       Groom with his parents

·       Couple with maid of honour & best man

·       Bride and bridesmaids

·       Groom & groomsmen

Don’t forget the cake!


Other Considerations