Anyone can be a gardener, but people who have a broad range of gardening skills are few and far between. Nurserymen need people who can identify at least 500 different plants, and advise customers on what to plant where. Home owners don’t mind paying top dollar for gardening advice, but they expect quick and reliable advice on what a problem is and how to fix it.

In fact, it isn’t that difficult to find someone with a certificate in horticulture (particularly after a decade of government funded training programs for the unemployed). Unfortunately, many of these people don’t have the depth and breadth of skills that employers or clients are looking for.

The Australian Correspondence Schools has developed a certificate course based on the UK Accredited RHS Certificate; to answer this demand.
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This course teaches the student to identify over 200 different types of plants, supported by a variety of innovative learning techniques, including training videos (produced by staff of the schoo) and interactive self assessment testsl.

It also develops a solid grounding in soils and nutrition, pests and disease, pruning, watering, weed control and all of the other basic skills common to all areas of horticulture.

This course, the RHS Certificate II in Horticulture,  goes much further though, providing a solid foundation in the science of horticulture (something that all too often is missing from other Australian Horticulture certificates).

The school is widely recognised around the world, and can lead to a UK accredited qualification awarded by the Roual Horticultural Society, the same highly prestigious body that runs the Chelsea Flower show.

This course is now being offered in Australia by a group of colleges belonging to the ACS College Network.

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