Brand new book from Rick Allen. Rick is an ACS student studying creative writing. Rick has used his extensive knowledge and experience in saddlery and the Navy to write his explosive first book – Toast – The Ride to Hell.   Buy his book now at

TOAST Book 1

The Ride to hell


In the year 2000, after ten long years spent designing and re-designing it, an international law was eventually passed to help combat climate change.  All vehicles manufactured from that point on were to have the E1 (Engine 1) modification; a device which successfully reduced emissions to less than 1%........ 

……After the Nuclear Holocaust, Dick, Patch and their close friends are fighting for their lives against unbelievable odds.  The only habitable places left are Taswegia and New Haka.

Two ex-Navy Clearance Divers, an ex-Army Sapper and their partners fight to reach a place where they can make contact with others who are hopefully still alive, and who can help them rid their land of the Alliance!

Richard (Dick) and Beth (Patch) Mann, were in their workshop finishing the last of the repairs for some locals.  Because there was no power, they were using the old Pearson sewing machine (hand operated) to mend some canvas roo bags….  

“Hey Chook, it’s nearly 10am.  Can you turn the UHF set on please?  We might get an update.”


Beep… Beep… Beep…

“Here is the news for Friday 2nd January 2015, Alex Brand reporting.

As I speak, we have reports that forces, calling themselves “The New Alliance” have landed at all major ports in Taswegia.

In Kings Town, commander of the invasion force, General Jun Lee Sung, immediately has summoned all the members of the Taswegian parliament on to the lawns in front of Parliament to discuss our surrender details!

This is crazy, who do these people think they are! Surrender?  Why? And to who?

Wait! I have more reports coming in!  They’re systematically executing everyone!  Oh no!  They have beheaded the Premier!  People are running for their lives!  People are being shot down by the Alliance force, which is at least fifteen hundred strong! Some return fire now by local police but this seems insignificant.  What a mess!

More news… in his statement the General reiterated the only personnel safe from this slaughter are the doctors attached to hospitals.

This is madness!   I can’t believe that this is happening!

Wait! I have more reports coming in from our man on the ground, Bill Green on portable….”

“Thanks Alex.  The city is in chaos!  More troops are arriving from what looks like two old tankers docking at Macquarie Street Wharf.  This looks like something out of the Second World War, with old trucks and jeeps disembarking more troops!”

“Thanks Bill….  What? Oh no! We’ll have to shut down this broadcast!   Troops are approaching the building!  Stay tuned f…  S**!  They’re coming up the stairs!  If we can get another……”  

Bang, Bang.......Schhhhhhhhhhh…….   Only static!

“****!  Did you hear that Love?” Dick asked.

Patch was in shock; she couldn’t believe what she just heard.   Was it all some sort of joke?   Maybe a radio play of some sorts?  Both of them sat in stunned silence, trying to take in what they had heard in the short broadcast. 

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