Farming & Agriculture

Horticulture Crops, plant varieties, home gardening, landscaping, permaculture, self sufficiency, hydroponics, herbs... Agriculture Horses, aquaculture, animal husbandry, breeding, dairy cattle, Sustainable agriculture, pigs, beef, organics...



Science Research & Dissertations, machinery, biochemistry, cell biology, research projects, anatomy, physiology human biology, renewable energy... Business and Management Advertising, bookkeeping, promotions, business studies, management, finance, marketing, project management, supervision.

English, Writing and Journalism


Writing and Journalism Publishing, journalism, freelance writing, children's writing, editing, communication, publishing, Business English (ESL writing fundamentals). Photography Digital photography, landscape photography, photographing people and more.

Leisure Management and Fitness

Information Technology

Fitness and Leisure Aerobics, aqua fitness, elite fitness leaders certificate, facility management, risk assessment, life coaching... IT Web design, computer operations, programming, servicing, ASP.net, Visual Basic.Net, eCommerce, SQL, networking...


Ecotourism and Adventure Activities

Hospitality Bed and breakfast management, bar service, human nutrition, hotel management, tourism... Ecotourism Ecotourguide course, bushcraft etc, adventure tourism, ecotourism management, marine science, ornithology, earth science...


Training / Teaching

Environmental Conservation, ecology, marine life studies, environmental waste management, ornithology, zoology, earth science, plant ecology, botany. Education and Training Instructional and training courses, alternative education, research skills, play leadership.


Pet Care

Psychology Biopsychology, child psychology, conflict management, stress management, marketing psychology, child psychology, counselling...  Pet Care Pet care, equine studies, poultry, animal behaviour, cat psychology, dog training...

Health Science & Fitness

Marketing Courses

Health Accredited Health & Fitness, health & wellbeing, human nutrition, personal fitness, sports nutrition, personal energy, children's nutrition. Marketing Marketing foundations, marketing systems, advertising & promotions, sales skills, sales management, E-commerce.


CPD Short Courses

Wildlife Zoology, marine animals, herpetology, primates, vertebrates, wildlife conservation, wildlife management Short Courses Self Study 20 hour short courses. Ideal for CPD. Fully automated with self assessment tests. Final multi choice exam for Certificate of Completion.
 Engineering and Construction      
  Engineering, Mechanics, Carpentry, Masonry, Mud Brick, Building Renovation, Construction