Dog Owners Course

Course CodeSGA1
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

20 hour Short Courses from ACS Distance Education


Learn to Take Better Care of Dogs

  • Appreciate their needs for good health and wellbeing
  • Understand how to meet those needs
  • Make better choices about the dogs you choose as pets, or working dogs; and how you manage them.


This Short Course is great for any dog lover! 

Understanding your dogs needs will help them to be both happier and healthier.  Learn about the different breeds of dog, their physiology and basic health.  As well as learning which dog breeds are suitable for different owners and situations, the course includes a lesson on working within the canine industry.

Lesson Structure

There are 6 lessons in this course:

    • History
    • Dog Breeds
    • Pure Breeds or Crossbreeds
    • A Selection of Common Breeds
    • Basic Dog Care
    • The Right Dog for you
    • Creating a Healthy Home Environment for a Dog
    • Dogs and Fire Emergencies – How prepared are you?
    • Physiological Characteristics
    • Reproductive System
    • Signs of a Healthy Dog
    • Recognising Poor Health
    • Common Internal Parasites
    • Common External Parasites
    • Common Disease and Illness
    • Skin Problems in Dogs
    • Notifiable Diseases
    • Preventative Health Care & Care for the Sick Dog
    • Good Nutrition
    • Reproduction and Breeding
    • De-sexing
    • Understanding the Dog’s Mind
    • Evolution and Domestication
    • Behavioural Development
    • Common Behaviour and Body Language
    • Behavioural Problems
    • General Training Tips
    • The Need for Grooming
    • Techniques
    • Grooming Tools
    • Pet Clips and Styling
    • Health Services
    • Breeding
    • Grooming
    • Training
    • Day Care & Exercise
    • Long Term Care
    • Assistance Dogs
    • Canine Therapy
    • Professional Dog Handling
    • Retail
    • Funeral and Memorial Services


  • Don't make poor decisions about the dogs you buy, or how you manage them.
  •  There are many different dog breeds, from small to large, and each one has been bred purposefully for a different very specific purpose. Some are bred to be aggressive and others are not. Some are bred to be working dogs, some are bred to be more independent, and others are not.  This course helps you choose appropriate breeds and avoid inappropriate breeds for any situation.
  • Some dogs can be more costly to keep than others. Some eat more. Some require more services (eg. grooming, veterinary care, etc). 

Caring for dogs starts with choosing the right breed; but that is only the start. This course covers all the important things you should be aware of in order to properly care for a dog - whethger a pet or a working dog.



This is a self paced, 20 hour study program; with everything from your enrolment through to awarding of your certificate of completion, controlled by computer software developed by our programmers.

Utilizing cutting edge technology all the way; you can

Enrol, pay course fees into pay pal; your payment approval then triggers an email explaining how to proceed, and access to the course.
You are then given instructions (options to read or listen to an audio).
Next you proceed to work through lessons as fast or slow as you wish; undertaking automated self assessment tests at the end of each lesson, choosing practical/additional learning tasks to undertake as you go.
On concluding the final lesson; you undertake a major online exam; and on achieving a 60% pass rate, you are given a "Certificate of Completion" carrying your name and date, to download as a pdf, to save or print as you wish

Unlike our other 100 hour courses, there is no additional exam fee charged for the exam in this or any of the 20 hour short courses.



  • Pet owners or intending pet owners
  • People who work in the pet industry, but do not have any structured training (in a pet shop, kennel or elsewhere)
  • Volunteers (eg. in animal shelters, with blind dos, etc)
  • Anyone else with a passion or need to learn more about dog care


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