Health Psychology

Course CodeSGP8
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion
Learn to understand how Psychology can Impact both Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Lesson Structure

There are 7 lessons in this course:

  1. How a Healthy Lifestyle can Impact Physical & Mental Health
    • Health
    • Definitions of health
    • Stress & health
    • Exercise
    • What happens to the body when we exercise?
    • Diet and nutrition
    • Acute and chronic stress
  2. Mental Disorders - Signs & Symptoms
    • Introduction
    • Definitions of mental disorder
    • Role of the clinician
    • Types of symptoms
    • Signs & symptoms of disorders
  3. Physical Illnesses with a Mental Dimension
    • Psychological factors in physical illness
    • What is a psychosomatic illness?
    • Psychological factors in accidents & illness
    • Immune system & health
    • Stress & the immune system
    • Stress associated with physical illnesses
    • Psychological response to injury or disease
    • Personality and attitudes
    • Chronic physical illnesses with mental health associations
    • Psychobiotics - interaction between the mind and body
  4. Mental Problems & Disorders with a Physical Dimension
    • Introduction
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Eating disorders
    • Dementia
    • Patient’s emotional reaction to physical illness
    • The importance of sleep
    • Summary
  5. Role of Psychology in Managing Physical and Mental Illnesses
    • Health psychology
    • Factors affecting psychological & physical health
    • Traditional medical interventions
    • Helping people with transition - what can we do to help ourselves?
    • What can we do to improve our mental health?
    • Using mindfulness
  6. Providing Better Mental Health Services
    • Towards better health care services
    • Impact of health psychology
    • Improving services
    • Raising public awareness
    • Providing better pubic access to health care
    • Wider recognition of health relationships
    • Health benefits of a biophilic landscape
  7. Business Opportunities in the Health Psychology Industry
    • Opportunities working in health
    • Play therapy – a tool for managing psychological health
    • Final assessment

Who is this Course For?

  • Counsellors, health professionals, welfare workers - wanting to improve their understanding of the link between psychology and health
  • Fitness professionals seeking to appreciate the link between wellbeing and state of mind
  • Teachers, media professionals or any others wishing to learn more about the subject.
  • Sports coaches
  • Students or graduates in psychology, health sciences or related disciplines


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