Occupational Psychology

Course CodeSGP7
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

Learn How People think at Work

  • Recruit, select and train staff for better results
  • Maintain a healthier state of mind and more positive attitude in staff
  • Support team building -Improve staff communications and inter staff cooperation




Lesson Structure

There are 7 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction to Occupational Psychology
    • What is Occupational Psychology?
    • Who is it useful for?
    • Key areas of knowledge and practice
    • Focus on the employee and the organisation
    • Work roles
  2. Recruitment
    • Choosing a career
    • The recruitment process
    • Steps in the job analysis
    • Measuring the person-organisation fit
  3. Interviews and Selection
    • What is an interview?
    • Interview types
    • The amount of interviewers
    • The benefits of interviews
    • Employee assessments
    • Validity of tests
    • Other components of personnel recruitment
    • Employee selection
  4. Training of Staff
    • The need for training
    • Initial training
    • Types of training
    • Training needs analysis
    • Individual training needs
    • Checklist for training needs
    • Training programs
  5. Employee Wellbeing
    • Job performance
    • Workplace factors which affect health and wellbeing
    • Work groups
    • Physical wellbeing and psychological wellbeing
    • Stress at work
    • Workplace aggression
    • What can management do?
  6. Maintaining Staff Morale and Motivation
    • Staff morale
    • What is motivation?
    • Other needs applied to work
    • Theories of motivation
    • Job satisfaction
    • Motivation of work groups
  7. Other Applications
    • Introduction
    • Selecting Employees for Small Business and Start-Up Businesses
    • How to choose a contractor for home or office improvements
    • Choosing temporary workers, casual workers, or contractors
    • Assessing individual qualities
    • Assessing skills and qualifications
    • Understanding body language
    • Personality and work

Any workplace is potentially a melting pot of different personalities, backgrounds and attitudes. The people within a workplace from the top manager to the lowest worker,  will create an environment and network of interactions that can be either very positive, very negative, or anywhere in between.

With awareness and empathy, a manager can choose and use different workers in ways that either support or inhibits the productivity of that workplace. Understanding psychology in the context of a workplace can be an exceptionally valuable tool for making better decisions about who to employ, how to train and support staff, and what jobs to assign to who.  This is the focus of what you will learn in this course.

Who is this Course for?

  • Business owners
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Business or psychology graduates who lack knowledge of occupational psychology
  • Employment officers, careers advisors
  • Anyone wanting to better understand human interaction and relationships in a work environment


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