Professional Consulting

Course CodeSGB8
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

Learn to be a Consultant

Build or Grow a business based on selling your expertise

The work of a consultant may vary a little from one industry to another; but once you get beyond the area of expertise which a consultant imparts; much of what they do will not vary from one industry to another.

This course raises your awareness, and teaches you about those things that matter for being a successful consultant in any industry.

Lesson Structure

There are 7 lessons in this course:

  1. How to be a Consultant
    • Areas of operation
    • Who employs consultants?
    • Consultancy offshoots
    • Consultant resources
    • Becoming a consultant
    • Does small business suit you? ..And do you suit it?
    • Becoming a consultant
    • Does small business suit you, or you ir?
  2. Packaging Consultancy Services
    • Choosing your services
    • Presenting your services
    • Presenting yourself
    • Structuring fees
    • Working as a consultant
    • Why aren't there more consultants?
    • Business coach – an example of consultancy work
    • Opportunities, risks, challenges
  3. Delivering Consultancy Services
    • Amend to pro forma contract
    • Time management
    • Group work
    • Outsourcing
    • Location
    • What to ask a client
    • Farm planning (example)
    • Reduce stress, improve your career
    • Chronic physical illnesses with mental health associations
  4. Building Resources for a Consultancy Practice
    • Networking
    • Collaboration
    • Developing relationships with clients
    • Developing relationships with employment agencies
    • Memberships
    • Physical resources
    • Team building
    • Benefits & elements of teams
    • Personnel management
  5. Finding the Work, Getting the Job
    • Where to look for work
    • Preparing for job interviews and meetings with potential clients
    • Creating a curriculum vitae or resume
    • Selling your expertise or your consultancy
    • New contracts
    • Improve your editing skills
    • Freelance writing
  6. Planning to Be a Consultant
    • The importance of planning
    • Situational analysis
    • Marketing strategy
    • Marketing plan
    • Case studies
    • Advertising and promotions
    • Better selling
  7. Ethics for Consultants
    • Ethics and confidentiality
    • Objectivity
    • Integrity
    • Responsibility, etc.
    • Guidelines for making ethical decisions
    • Ethical frameworks
    • Managing time
    • Do you have leadership potential?
    • Final assessment

Who is this course for?

  • Consultants who have never formally studied how to be a consultant
  • Anyone with expertise that can be sold, who wants to become a consultant to monetise their expertise.
  • People who are employed to provide consulting services - from business coaches to personal trainers and careers advisors to pest inspectors.
  • Anyone exploring the possibility of transitioning from a job they know well into a consulting position.,

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