Qualification - Diploma In Horticulture (By Examination)

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Turn What you Have Learnt into a Qualification

Sometimes people start courses but don't finish them. At other times people gain employment and learn on the job without gaining any qualifications as such. This course provides an opportunity for people with relevant industry experience or previous studies to bring that together into a diploma level qualification. You will still have to take and pass exams to demonstrate what you have learnt.


Applicants must satisfy one of the following:
* At least 8 years industry experience
* Passed year 12 exams plus at least 5 years industry experience
* An approved certificate plus at least 3 years industry experience
* A relevant degree plus 3 years relevant experience

There are four stages to this diploma program:
1. Registration - submit a resume' with initial registration fee and enrolment fee
2. Preliminary Examination - You are sent an unsupervised exam to do. The school makes a detailed assessment and recommends what preparation is needed for exams.
3. Preparation for exams - 2nd and Final fee due at this stage
4. Examinations - Five two hour written exams plus one 2 hour practical exam are sat.
The written exams can be conducted anywhere in Australia. The practical exams can be arranged in most centres.
Exams are in the following areas; horticultural practices, plantsmanship - plant knowledge, horticultural technology, horticultural science, horticultural management, practical horticultural skills

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