Qualification - Proficiency Award in Propagation

Course CodeVHT052
Fee CodePA
Duration (approx)500 hours
QualificationProficiency Award

Gain Skills in Propagation by Online Study

Propagation is an essential skill in horticulture and agriculture. Experts in propagation are essential. Improve your job and career prospects by becoming a propagation expert. Study three 100 hour modules in Propagation, Seed Propagation and Cutting Propagation and complete a 200 hour industry/workplace project.

This course is useful for anyone working in horticulture and agriculture, or who would like to start working in these areas.



Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Proficiency Award in Propagation.
 Industry Project BIP000
 Industry Project II BIP001
 Propagation I BHT108
 Cutting Propagation BHT211
 Seed Propagation BHT237

Note that each module in the Qualification - Proficiency Award in Propagation is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Workplace Project
To complete this qualification, you are also required to complete a workplace project lasting 200 hours.  

There are 4 options available to you to satisfy this requirement.  The options will be different dependent upon whether or not you currently work within the industry. The project can be work experience, voluntary experience, a project you carry out, other training you have already undertaken and there are other options. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to proceed at this stage, as your tutor will be there to discuss how to proceed and help you every step of the way.

Improve your job and career prospects by increasing your knowledge of propagation. Whether you work in horticulture or agriculture, knowledge of propagation is always essential.  This course is useful for people working on farms, producing crops, smallholders, nursery workers, garden centre workers and much more.

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