Animal Welfare

Course CodeBAG224
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Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment

Now is the time to study Animal Welfare.

Are you interested in wildlife rehabilitation, captive animal welfare, animal training and grooming, domestic animal rescue, animal care …?

The list of job prospects in the animal care sector is increasingly rapidly and a background in Animal Welfare is a great stepping stone towards a rewarding career.



Lesson Structure

There are 9 lessons in this course:

  1. Scope and Nature of Animal Welfare
  2. Psychology and Sentience
  3. Managing Animal Welfare
  4. Animal Protection Services
  5. Animal Rescue Services
  6. Animal Health Services
  7. Animal Welfare for Pets, Work Animals and Animals in Sport
  8. Animal Welfare for Farm Animals
  9. Animal Welfare for Wildlife: Free and Captive

Planning a career in the Animal Welfare Industry

Animal Welfare is gaining more and more attention throughout many industries as people are becoming more educated, and pressures from animal advocates and the public forum mount.

Social media has put animal rescue operations and animal shelters at the forefront of the public’s mind.  Zoos and wildlife parks are continually focussing more on animal welfare with the provision of appropriate habitats, breeding programmes and directing profits towards research and conservation efforts.

There has never been a better time to work in Animal Welfare for free and captive wild animals.

Animal welfare is relevant to many other fields and industries including:

  • Farming.
  • Natural Resource Management.
  • Land and Wildlife Conservation and Preservation.
  • Health, biomedical, and scientific research.
  • Safety testing (e.g. cosmetics, cleaning).
  • Ecotourism (zoos, wildlife parks, environmental protection areas).
  • Education (science, veterinary science, nursing, psychology, and more).
  • Community awareness.
  • Urban planning (construction, housing development, and more).


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Allow yourself to be aware

It is sometimes an easier option to remain ignorant about the treatment of animals that are being used for the benefit of humans. If you find yourself in that category, then this course is guaranteed to heighten your awareness and stimulate your thoughts about how you can contribute towards improving the welfare of animals used in human practices.

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