Behaviour Profiling

Course CodeSGP4
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

Learn about theories and applications of different methods of behaviour profiling.

Profiling is used in a vast range of different areas, and not just in criminal profiling as is often thought.  Candidates being selected for a job may undergo some form of psychological assessment to determine their suitability for the role, or a company may use profiling to identify their ideal customer(s) for a promotion on a particular product, so the advertising spend can be used to its full advantage.

  • Learn about different approaches to profiling.
  • Learn about techniques used in profiling.
  • Understand the right method of information gathering that is appropriate for its intended use.
  • Understand how to interpret and use data that is gathered.
  • Profiling has its limitations - understand what the limitations are and know how you should accommodate these.
  • Profiling has ethical implications - understand what these are.
  • For personal or professional development, the Behaviour Profiling short course is an ideal way to gain a knowledge of profiling techniques and applications in as a little as a weekend.
  • The interactive style of our short courses means that you get instant feedback from exercises, helping you learn and increase your knowledge whilst your studies are still fresh in your mind.
  • Short courses are also ideal as an introduction, accompaniment, or refresher to a full distance learning course.

Lesson Structure

There are 6 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction
    • What is profiling?
    • Personality.
    • Types of profiling.
    • When and why do we carry out profiling?
    • How profiling is done.
    • Lesson 1 additional reading.
    • Types of serial killers.
    • Psychopaths.
    • But why do murderers kill?
    • Who commits murder?
    • Murder statistics.
    • Review what you have been learning.
  2. How To Profile Someone
    • Profiling techniques.
    • Putting it all together.
    • Psychological testing in recruitment – how good is it?
    • Personality testing in recruitment.
    • Review what you have been learning.
  3. Interviews and Questionnaires
    • Psychological screening.
    • What is an interview?
    • Planning an interview: structured or unstructured.
    • Components of a profiling interview.
    • What can go wrong?
    • Dealing with interview data.
    • Competency based interviews in recruitment.
    • Non-verbal behaviour.
    • Active listening and SOLER.
    • Review what you have been learning.
  4. Behavioural Assessment
    • The ABC model.
    • Traditional vs behavioural assessment.
    • Different applications of behavioural assessments.
    • Behavioural assessment techniques.
    • Problems with behavioural assessments.
    • Functional analysis.
    • More on behavioural assessments.
    • Methods of behavioural assessment.
    • The focus of assessment.
    • Analysis of problem behaviour.
    • Review what you have been learning.
  5. Classical Assessment Tests
    • The nature of traditional assessment tests.
    • Reliability and validity of psychological tests.
    • More on Wechsler intelligence scales.
    • Subtests.
    • Psychological testing in recruitment – how good is it?
    • Review what you have been learning.
  6. What Comes Next?
    • Applications for profiles.
    • How & where to use a profile.
    • Computer profiling.
    • Ethics of profiling.
    • Problems with profiling.
    • The future of profiling.
    • Profiling – a summary.
    • Review what you have been learning.

Across six lessons, learn about theories, practices, approaches and applications of profiling. Each lesson is clearly structured and completed with automated quizzes to help with your learning.


Studying made to suit you

At the end of the short course, once you have successfully completed the automated exam, you receive a Certificate of Completion as evidence for your hard work, which you can also retain in your CPD file as evidence of the time you have spent.

The Behaviour Profiling short course can be started at any time, and because it is completed automated, you can buy it and download it at any time, day or night.

The content of the course is based upon our full length courses, and reflects the quality and depth of these.

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