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Final exams at the end of your course provide you with an overall evaluation of your learning. Exams are designed to test both your recall of course content, set tasks, assignments and research as well as your ability to make conclusions from your learning experiences.


100-hour courses:

Exams for our 100-hour courses are optional. A Letter of Completion can be provided on request from studentservices@acsedu.com for those students who prefer to not sit an exam.

To sit an exam, all assignments for each 100-hour course must be satisfactorily completed. On successful completion of the exam, a student receives a Statement of Attainment.


Certificate & higher qualifications (600-hours+):

Exams are compulsory in order to receive the qualification. Students need to apply and complete an exam for each 100-hour module, however for a few Certificate courses, the number of exams may vary. Contact us for more information.




Please email studentservices@acsedu.com with the following information and then complete the payment details on this page



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You can sit the exam away from the school at a location, convenient to you.


1. Nominate an adjudicator (i.e. supervisor) to oversee the exam. This must be a reputable person such as a police officer, Justice of the Peace, Minister of religion, school principal or your employer. Note: RELATIVES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ACT AS AN ADJUDICATOR

2. Set a date, time and place for the exam.

3. Submit your exam application 2 weeks prior to the nominated date.

4. The exam will be emailed to your nominated adjudicator who will need to print of the exam papers for you. The exam is a closed book exam.

5. At the set time, attend the nominated place and the adjudicator will conduct the exam. On completion of the exam, the adjudicator will need to sign/date, scan and email them to: studentservices@acsedu.com.

- Exams are 1.5 hours in duration.
- Students should bring pens and a few sheets of plain paper with them.
- No texts or notes or any digital devices are allowed in the exam.
- An exam fee of US$36.00 payable to the school applies each time you sit an exam.

What Should You Expect?
Know your subject, there is nothing new in the exam that isn't taught in the course! 




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