Graphic Design

Course CodeBIT205
Fee CodeS3
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment
Learn Graphic Design via Correspondence
Graphic Designers use technical and creative skills to communicate a specific message to their desired audience.

This course in Graphic Design provides a great introduction to the industry. If you are interested in becoming a Graphic Designer, this course will provide you with a great base to start from.
Graphic design involves both technical and creative work tasks. Art and design are both conceptual processes. Both aim to communicate ideas to an audience. Some consider the differences between art and design to be minimal if any; but for most artists and designers, there is a clear distinction.
Design work is intending to communicate ideas from a client to deliver a message from someone other than the designer.

Lesson Structure

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  1. Scope and Nature of Graphic Design
  2. Design Fundamentals
  3. Colour Theory and Applications
  4. Typography
  5. Illustration
  6. Logotype Design
  7. Layout Design
  8. Design Systems and the Design Industry
  9. Comparative Design -Lessons From Other Designers
  10. Design Project


  • To develop skills, awareness and understanding of graphic design, and how it is applied commercially across a range of disciplines, ranging from marketing to publishing and beyond.
  • Discuss the nature and scope of graphic design using common terminology used by graphic designers to communicate with each other.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ideas that affect the choices made by graphic designers in creating the designs which they produce.
  • Identify different colours and select appropriate colours for different applications in graphic design projects.
  • Compare a range of different type options in a variety of different types of graphic design projects.
  • Create illustrations for use in graphic designs utilising different techniques.
  • Design different logos for different purposes.
  • Explain the process of applying layout design to graphic artwork for different purposes
  • Explain how the graphic design industry functions within your locality.
  • Develop greater diversity in your approach to design, by learning from the work of other designers.
  • Provide a professional graphic design service to a client.

Where Do Designers Work?
There are a number of possible employment areas which utilise the skills of graphic designers. 
  • Some are self-employed, working out of home or a small office; taking on contract work for clients who might routinely need design work (e.g. website developers, printers, etc.)
  • Some are employed for marketing firms, working as part of a team to provide marketing services to clients.
  • Media organisations (e.g. publishers) - some may be involved in design and layout of printed material, illustrations, book covers, etc. for print or electronic media.
  • Marketing departments in medium to large organisations - producing in-house publications, company logos, advertisements, brochures, etc.
  • Some may end up working in more specialised areas such as in film animations, television graphics, plays and television set design, web design.
  • Some may take on the role of creative director or art director. 

Meet some Of our academics

John Mason

John Mason is one of Australia's most prolific writers. He saw his first work published when at secondary school, where he worked on the school magazine. In 1973 he was writing a weekly column for his local newspaper and by 1975 he was a regular contributor to Australia's national magazine "Your Garden". John was engaged by Victoria's Dept of Youth, Sport and Recreation to write a book on Fun and Fitness Trails in 1978. In 1981 he saw two more books published (one in America, another in Australia), and commenced writing regularly for the Self Sufficiency Magazine, Grass Roots. John is a long term member of the Australian Society of Authors, the Garden Media Guild (UK) and the Horticultural Media Association (Australia). He has written or contributed to over 100 books, many published by international publishers and published more than 2,000 articles across a range of genres (Gardening, Education, Business, Farming, Fitness). In addition, John has contributed to and overseen the development of more than 600 distance education courses which encompass around 20 million words. He has been an avid photographer for 40 years, building a collection of over 100,000 images, which are used to illustrate his work. His marine animal photos are even used by Legoland in England, on their Atlantis ride! Writer, Manager, Teacher and Businessman with over 40 years interenational experience covering Education, Publishing, Leisure Management, Education, and Horticulture. He has extensive experience both as a public servant, and as a small business owner. John is a well respected member of many professional associations, and author of over seventy books and of over two thousand magazine articles.

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