Home Propagation

Course CodeAHT106
Fee CodeS2
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment


  • Start as a hobby and see where it leads
  • Save the cost of buying plants -grow your own
  • who knows - some people end up with a profitable backyard nursery that grows and grows!

Growing your own healthy plants from next to nothing can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby.

If you love plant collecting it can help save on the cost of buying plants. It can also provide presents you can give to friends and relatives; or donate to community projects.

"Thanks for the videos, they are great! I got a lot of information from them. The Turf Management video is practical and easy to understand. Plant Propagation is a video every student should watch because out here in the real world no-one would give out such information. The Rose Growing Tape was very beneficial to me as I have about 60 odd roses. I thought I knew a little about them but this tape is a real eye-opener."

- Kelvin


Lesson Structure

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  1. Methods of propagation - overview
  2. Propagating Structures & Equipment
  3. Propagating Materials
  4. Seed Propagation
  5. Propagation by Cuttings
  6. Miscellaneous Propagating Techniques - Division, layering, tissue culture.
  7. Budding & Grafting
  8. Propagation of Specific Plants
  9. Nursery Management: Types of plant production (container, bare-rooted, etc.), nursery hygiene
  10. Propagating Area: Layout & Organization

Propagation can be an Exciting Hobby

There are hundreds of different ways to propagate plant.

Every plant genus has it's own challenges and opportunities for the propagator. You may sometimes become disillusioned by failure, but achieving success with a difficult to propagate species can be a significant reward after previously failing.

This course will enlighten you and give you the fundamental understanding you need to attempt, and ultimately succeed at propagating most of the plants you might grow in your home garden.


Who Would Benefit from this Course?

  • Anyone with a passion for plant propagation
  • Amateur gardeners
  • Property owners seeking to save the expense of buying in plants
  • Garden owners wishing to reproduce prized cultivars from their garden
  • Plant Collectors wishing to multiply their collections

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