Innovation Management

Course CodeBBS209
Fee CodeS2
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment

Change can bring either opportunity or decline

Being innovative is the way you can use the opportunity that comes with change, this can be very challenging to harness for many business people. 

This course shows managers and business owners how to:

  • Be more innovative
  • Identify and deal with risks that come with change
  • Use Creative thinking and Design thinking
  • Follow a logical process to redevelop products and services into something more innovative

If your are:

  • a supervisor wanting to move up to management
  • a manager trying to do more with the resources they have
  • an individual looking to create their own opportunities

Then this course is a great starting point, why not enrol now and see where it can take you, and your career.

Lesson Structure

There are 9 lessons in this course:

  1. Scope and Nature of Innovation
    • Innovation VS Improvement
    • Why Innovate?
    • Types of Innovation
    • Adoption of Innovations
    • Developing Innovative Products or Services
    • Models of Innovation
  2. Creative Thinking
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • What is Creative Thinking
    • What Make Employees Creative
    • Ways to Improve Creativity
    • Creative Thinking VS Critical Thinking
  3. Design Thinking
    • Design Thinking and Innovation
    • Design Thinking Process
    • Association with Innovation
    • Applications of Design Thinking
  4. The Process
    • Innovation Process
    • Continuing Innovation
    • Case Study
  5. Managing Risk and Problems
    • Managing Risk
    • Risks Associated with Innovation
    • Scaling Innovation
    • Enhancing Employee Innovation
    • Innovative Identification of Risks and Risk Management
  6. Types of Innovation
    • Innovation Types
    • Innovation Matrix
    • The Innovation Lifecycle
  7. Prototyping
    • Why Prototype?
    • Product Failures
    • Types of Prototyping
  8. Journey Mapping
    • How to Write a Journey Map
  9. Implementation
    • Pilot Testing
    • Planning
    • KPIs and Tracking
    • Roll Out, Bringing to Market
    • Benefit Realisation

What You Will Do

  • Talk to someone who is responsible for a team (e.g. business owner, manager or supervisor) about the role of creativity within their business.
  • Create a Creativity Matrix.
  • Talk to a local business owner about the process they apply when wanting to innovate.
  • Investigate how different industries could benefit from applying design thinking.
  • Explore how a business you are familiar with or researched has launched an innovated product or service.
  • Create a SWOT analysis
  • Consider how employees would feel if there were to be innovations introduced into their place of work.
  • Consider the innovation life cycle, talk to 2 family members, colleagues, or friends about where they enter the cycle when innovations appear on the market.
  • Create a journey map for yourself or a friend as a customer purchasing a new car.
  • Evaluate their buyer journey processes and consider the types of customers they are aiming for.
  • Discuss how would you approach implementation of a wearable technology device including the pilot, tracking metrics and at what stage you would be confident to proceed with the rollout.


There are lots of reasons why you should sign up to do this course with us, including:

  • The course is detailed to ensure that you have the level of knowledge required to apply the practices in the work place and make your business/department more visible
  • Within each lesson you have the opportunity to apply your learning to activities which enables you to practice different concepts 
  • Knowledge of these key areas will enable you to stand out from other applicants when it comes to applying for jobs, it will also give you greater confidence
  • Being able to innovate, and see opportunities to do so, will enable you to work in many different sectors and business types, giving you flexibility now and in the future
  • Our subject specialist tutors will be there to support you throughout your course, they are only too happy to share their industry knowledge and experience with you
  • When studying with us you set your own deadlines, meaning you study at your own pace enabling it to fit around other commitments


You can enrol on the course now, but if you have any questions about the content of the course or studying with ACS, then please get in touch with us today - use our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE to get in touch with our expert tutors. They will be pleased to help you!

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