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Landscaping Home Gardens

Course CodeAHT103
Fee CodeS1
Duration (approx)100 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment


  • Learn how to plan, lay out and construct your own home garden.
  • Develop garden design skills for all types of gardens - for play, work or display.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills in garden design and maintenance to help start a career in home landscaping.


Topics covered include:

  • designing gardens,
  • styles of gardens,
  • drawing plans,
  • understanding soils,
  • basic landscape construction,
  • weeds & pests,
  • planting & pruning,
  • lawns & other surfacings,
  • garden features,
  • plus a special project to help you develop your own garden.


The course comprises 10 lessons, as follows:

1. Designing Gardens
The basics of design concepts through to understanding how to use them.

2. Styles of Gardens
Formal, informal, natural, and other themes.

3. Drawing Plans ‑ Designing Gardens
Learn how to draw basic landscape features and garden designs.

4. Understanding Soils
Clays, loams, sands - how to identify them and treat them for better plant growth.

5. Basic Landscape Construction
What is involved to build basic structures like steps, walls, paths, etc.

6. Weeds & Pests
How to identify and treat garden weeds and pests.

7. Planting and Pruning
Techniques to plant, prune and care for garden plants.

8. Lawns, paving and other surfacing
Care for various surfaces

9. Garden Features
How to select and use garden features in a landscape.

10. Developing Your Garden - Special Project 


  • Understand the design procedure and the principles of landscape design
  • Develop knowledge of garden styles through history and apply this to your own designs
  • Develop skills in graphical techniques for plan drawing
  • Develop knowledge of soil properties and their relevance to home horticulture
  • Understand the principles and practices of basic landscape construction
  • Develop knowledge of pests and weeds, and their management in home horticulture
  • Develop skills in planting and pruning for home gardens
  • Develop knowledge of lawns and surfaces appropriate to home landscaping
  • Develop knowledge of landscape furnishings and other features appropriate for home gardens
  • Utilise skills developed during this course to develop a landscape design for a home garden.

Take this course to ......

  • Learn to design, construct and develop your own garden
  • Take the first step to a new business career in home landscaping
  • Improve the value of your own property with your own exclusive landscape design
  • Learn how to look after and maintain a garden



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Meet some of our academics

Rosemary Davies Leading horticultural expert in Australia. Rosemary trained in Horticultural Applied Science at Melbourne University. Initially she worked with Agriculture Victoria as an extension officer, taught horticulture students, worked on radio with ABC radio (clocking up over 24 years as a presenter of garden talkback programs, initially the only woman presenter on gardening in Victoria) and she simultaneously developed a career as a writer. She then studied Education and Training, teaching TAFE apprentices and developing curriculum for TAFE, before taking up an offer as a full time columnist with the Herald and Weekly Times and its magazine department after a number of years as columnist with the Age. She has worked for a number of companies in writing and publications, PR community education and management and has led several tours to Europe. In 1999 Rosemary was BPW Bendigo Business Woman of the Year and is one of the founders and the Patron, of the Friends of the Bendigo Botanic gardens. She has completed her 6th book this year and is working on concepts for several others. Rosemary has a B Ed, BSc Hort, Dip Advertising & Marketing
John Mason Parks Manager, Nurseryman, Landscape Designer, Garden Writer and Consultant. Over 40 years experience; working in Victoria, Queensland and the UK. He is one of the most widely published garden writers in the world; author of more than 70 books and editor for 4 different gardening magazines. John has been recognised by his peers being made a fellow of the Institute of Horticulture in the UK, as well as by the Australian Institute of Horticulture.

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