Learning Skills

Course CodeSGP6
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

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Learn how to Learn

  • Techniques that can be applied to make learning more effective
  • Get more out of the time you spend studying
  • Prepare better for exams

If you or someone you know, has difficulty studying and remembering what you study, this course could make a real difference to how successful you are with learning. It is a course that can help students understand themselves, and in doing so, perform better when they are studying. It may help parents understand their children and result in a more effective and considered approach to their child’s education. Even supervisors, managers, coaches. therapists or leaders who are supervising or advising others, will be better informed and capable of understanding and helping the people they deal with, to learn.

Lesson Structure

There are 4 lessons in this course:

    • Introduction
    • Gaining Knowledge
    • Applying Established Theories in Teaching and Learning
    • Why Do We Need to Know People’s Learning Styles?
    • Knowing What to Avoid
    • Be Aware of What You Learn
    • Valuable Attributes to Learn
    • Communication
    • Choosing a Child’s School
    • Choosing a College or University Course
    • Trends in Education
    • Distance Education and Changes in the World
    • Making the Choice to Study
    • The Importance of Learning in Children
    • Middle Childhood and Learning
    • A Good Foundation is Very Important
    • Motivation Helps us Learn
    • More Tips for Learning
    • Different Learning for Different People
    • Setting Effective Learning Goals
    • Develop Good Study Habits
    • Time Management
    • Different Methods of Learning for Top Results
    • Methods of Studying (Learning Systems)
    • Memory Tips
    • Tips for Writing and Essays
    • Reading Text Books Effectively
    • Taking notes
    • Preparing for Exams
    • What Is Motivation?
    • Understanding motivation
    • Incentives
    • Get Started!

Why Do this Course?

  • Be more successful when you study
  • Make your exam preparation more effective
  • Understand the process of learning so you can help others

So much of what we do in today's world involves conveying factual information to others. This communication may be in face to face circumstances, or other ways such as through writing, video or via the internet. Communications can involve words (language), images, body language and other things; and often a combination of different communication channels.  Effective communication is always a two way street, and without a proper knowledge and application there is always scope for ineffective communication. In the context of education, this is ineffective learning. 

There are plenty of ways to make learning more effective but to do that requires an informed effort on the part of the learner, and an application of teaching skill on the part of the teacher. 

This course will develop and strengthen your capacity to learn and help others learn; providing a good foundation for someone who has not studied these things before, and an excellent revision, strengthening knowledge for anyone who has studied learning skills previously.

Who Can this Course Benefit?

  • Anyone who finds learning difficult?
  • Parents seeking to help their children
  • Managers, supervisors, coaches, leaders or anyone else who needs to advise or instruct others and be more effective in getting them to understand and retain the instructions they give
  • Teaching assistants, lecturers, public speakers, or anyone conveying information to others, in any context 


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