Managing a Garden Business

Course CodeSGH24
Fee CodeSG
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationStatement of Attainment

Learn to Manage a Gardening Business

  • Garden Maintenance Services
  • Consulting/ advice
  • Garden Design
  • Landscape Construction
  • Lawn care, trees, flowers, shrubs, etc

Lesson Structure

There are 5 lessons in this course:

    • Points to watch out for
    • Two ways to begin in business
    • Starting a new business compared to buying one
    • What sorts of records do i need to keep?
    • Seeking advice
    • Promoting a new business
    • Understanding contract law
    • Types of service
    • Other options
    • Complimentary fringe services
    • Considering the options
    • What do you need to offer these services?
    • Specialist niche areas for landscape construction
    • Specialist areas for a design business
    • Buying equipment and tools
    • Finding materials
    • Developing a business
    • Plant care
    • Why plants get sick
    • Preventative medicine in the garden
    • Planting
    • Moving established plants
    • Feeding plants
    • Watering
    • Providing a spraying service
    • Starting a pruning service
    • Pruning equipment
    • Starting a lawn care business
    • Types of mowers
    • Lawn aeration
    • Watering
    • Tree care and tree surgery
    • Tree surgery techniques
    • Safety aspects
    • Gardening & landscaping tools
    • Tool maintenance
    • Power tools
    • Power tool maintenance
    • How to manually handle objects in the garden
    • Starting an indoor plant service
    • Options for specialisation
    • Starting a garden design service
    • Starting a landscape construction service
    • Improving soils
    • Improving drainage
    • Improving surface drainage after construction
    • Mulches
    • Hard surfacing
    • Water in the garden
    • Steps
    • Business planning
    • Landscape specifications & contracts
    • Final assessment


Who is this Course for?

  • Anyone exploring the possibility of starting a garden business
  • Anyone interested in a career as a manager in a horticultural enterprise
  • Knowledgeable amateur gardeners wanting to turn their hobby into their work
  • School leavers or job seekers looking to improve their employment prospects


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