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Medicinal Herbs

Course CodeSGH2
Fee CodeAC
Duration (approx)20 hours
QualificationCertificate of Completion

20 hour Short Courses from ACS Distance Education

Learn about herbs which canb be used for medicinal purposes.  Gain knowledge about the chemicals found in herbs and the effects these have on the human body.  The Short Course includes a review of over 50 plant species providing information about their culture, chemistry and medicinal properties and uses.

The Following Lessons are covered in this course:

  1. Scope and Nature of Medicinal Herbs
  2. Chemicals that are found in Herbs and Effects on the Human Body
  3. Ways Herbs are Used in Medicines
  4. Methods of Preparing Herbs for Medicinal Use
  5. A Review of over 50 plant species; covering appearance,  culture, chemistry, medicinal properties and uses.
  6. Working with Medicinal Herbs


This is a self paced, 20 hour study program; with everything from your enrolment through to awarding of your certificate of completion, controlled by computer software developed by our programmers.

Utilizing cutting edge technology all the way; you can

  1. Enrol, pay course fees into pay pal; your payment approval then triggers an email explaining how to proceed, and access to the course.
  2. You are then given instructions (options to read or listen to an audio).
  3. Next you proceed to work through lessons as fast or slow as you wish; undertaking automated self assessment tests at the end of each lesson, choosing practical/additional learning tasks to undertake as you go.
  4. On concluding the final lesson; you undertake a major online exam; and on achieving a 60% pass rate, you are given a "Certificate of Completion" carrying your name and date, to download as a pdf, to save or print as you wish


Unlike our other 100 hour courses, there is no additional exam fee charged for the exam in this or any of the 20 hour short courses.

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