Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Environmental Science

Course CodeVEN026
Fee CodeFD
Duration (approx)1020 hours
QualificationFoundation Diploma

Learn the Fundamentals to Begin a Career as an Environmental Science Professional

What do Environmental Scientists do?

Environmental Scientists study the interactions between living and non-living components of the environment and apply scientific techniques to develop and implement plans and advise on policies to protect the environment and natural resources.

What will you learn in this course?

Study this course and you will: Learn about physical, chemical and biological components of our environment and how they influence one another. Have the flexibility to select from a wide range of elective topics allowing you to specialise in your area of interest. Explore practical ways to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Environmental Science.
 Introduction To Ecology BEN101
 Climate Science BSC208
 Earth Science BEN204
 Environmental Assessment BEN301
 Environmental Chemistry BSC306
 Plant Taxonomy SGH9
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 5 of the following 27 modules.
 Alternative Energy VSS102
 Biochemistry I (Plants) BSC102
 Botany I - Plant Physiology And Taxonomy BSC104
 Ecotour Management BTR101
 Geology BSC115
 Marine Studies I BEN103
 Nature Park Management I BEN120
 Research Project I BGN102
 Zoology -Vertebrate BEN104
 Biochemistry II (Plant and Animal) BSC203
 Botany II - Applied Plant Physiology BSC204
 Conservation & Environmental Management BEN201
 Environmental Waste Management BEN202
 Ethics BPS217
 Green Walls and Roofs BHT256
 Healthy Buildings I BSS200 (Building Construction and Health) BSS200
 Herpetology BEN209
 Microbiology BSC209
 Wildlife Conservation BEN206
 Wildlife Management BEN205
 Biochemistry III (Plant Processes) BSC302
 Biophilic Landscaping BHT343
 Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) BSS300
 Plant Ecology BSC305
 Soil and Water Chemistry BSC307
 Technical Writing (Advanced) BWR301
 Water Conservation And Management BEN302

Note that each module in the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Environmental Science is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Benefits of this course

The Foundation Diploma in Environmental Science is an introductory course that will teach you about the physical components of the world we live in. It is designed to provide you with a broad knowledge and skill set in Environmental Science, which may then be developed through additional experience or study. This course will allow you to lay a foundation for further learning formally or informally (This course can earn you credits for higher qualifications if you wish).

Where can this course lead?

Careers in Environmental Science include:

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Natural Resource Manager
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Researcher
  • Life Scientist
  • Conservation Officer
  • Park Ranger

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