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Whether you are looking for a career or just interested in improving your
own health and wellbeing you will find useful and interesting information
here.  ACS offers both short courses and qualifications up to advanced
diploma level with the opportunity to pursue even higher levels of study
with our affiliates.  As with all our courses you can expect
unlimited tutor contact, support and guidance by email, phone or fax.

In some countries, fitness and recreation training programs have declined
dramatically in the past decade.  Instructors and trainers can have as
little as 100hrs training!  At ACS we strive to maintain our standards
with high level training courses of a minimum 250hrs and most
courses over 600hrs.  Sounds like a lot of study but we feel an
obligation to ensure our students hold qualifications that cover not
just the basics but give you a solid understanding of all the aspects of
heath and fitness and the industry you will be employed in.

Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology, Fitness, Aerobics, Weight Training,
Life Coaching and more!

For those looking to improve their lives and lifestyle, we have a wide
range of 100hr short courses to give you the knowledge and skills you
need to start making positive changes today!  Dont just make the
new years resolution, keep it!
(But throw out those fad diet books and get some practical
knowledge to make permanent healthy changes)

Browse this page to find out more about fitness, health and recreation
and be sure to check out our fantastic tutors!


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