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Have an interest in the field of Health and the related sciences?  Any of the courses listed below can provide a starting point:
Medicinal Herbs
Human Health Science 
Nutrition I

Along with our interests in organics and environmental awareness, ACS is keen to promote alternative health, complementary medicine, health and wellbeing.  More than just a job, the complementary medicine professions offer a fulfilling way of life, assisting others to improve their wellbeing and increase their happiness.

ACS is proud to present students with the opportunity to undertake both hobby and professional studies in a variety of alternative health disciplines. 


If you're not sure where you want to specialise, start with our Foundation Diploma in Natural Health.  On completion of these core modules, you can then select the Advanced Diploma stream you wish to move into!  Proficiency awards, Certificates to Advanced Diplomas, there is a course of study to suit you!

Or find out more about nutritional counselling or food coaching.

Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

Advanced Certificate in Nutritional Counselling

Food Coaching - 100 hour course

Food Coaching Foundation Diploma

If you want to add short courses of study to current qualifications, or study for your own interest we have an array of 100hr courses to choose from





stress management

life coaching

and many more. 

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