Why Study Animal Welfare?

Animal welfare is continuously under discussion in many countries across the globe.  From agricultural practices to how domestic pets are treated, and from captive zoo animals to hunting wild animals.  There are always ongoing campaigns, services that deal with animal welfare, changing laws and changing attitudes towards animals.

This is related to one main aspect; the study of animal welfare.  With the study of animal welfare, we have gained an understanding of the psychological and mental state of animals.  We know now that animals are sentient beings, like ourselves, who feel pain and distress.  If they are unable to express natural behaviours they begin to suffer, and if they are restricted to small, barren captive environments then they not only suffer physically, but also mentally.  It is the ongoing study of animal welfare which has assisted us in learning these facts.

Levels of animal welfare alters dramatically from species to country, and it is through scientific welfare studies, education and political campaigns which will assist in making continuous changes for the positive benefits for animal welfare.

Why Study Animal Welfare?

So why study a course in animal welfare?

  • Do you feel passionate about making positive changes to the welfare of animals?
  • Are you interested in working within an area of animal welfare i.e. rescue centres, animal welfare inspector?
  • Do you have a general care for animals?
  • Do you care about how animals are treated worldwide?
  • Do you wish to join campaigns, or educate people about the global issues of animal welfare?
  • Do you currently work with animals and wish to take further studies? 

These are only a few reasons why we may study animal welfare.  At ACS Distance Education, we offer a course in Animal Welfare which is not only beneficial if you already work within the animal care industry, but also if you are you looking to gain access into animal welfare employment, or gain education on the subject.

Career Development - suitable for ...

From studying this course, it can assist you with many possible job positions, or animal care 
services including;

  • Animal Health and Welfare Inspector
  • Animal Rescue Centre Employee
  • Animal Rescue Officers 
  • Pet Shop
  • Veterinary Services
  • Pet Grooming
  • Zoo Keeper, or Employee 
  • Pet Re-homing Centres
  • Pet Boarding 
  • Pet Rescue
  • Agriculture 
  • Animal Welfare Charity
  • Campaigns 

There are many more possibilities from studying a course in animal welfare.  So if you are passionate about animal welfare and wish to work within this field then why not enrol on our course in Animal Welfare


Choosing the right course and the right options is important. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our specialist Animal Welfare tutors using our FREE COURSE COUNSELLING SERVICE. They will be more than happy to help you to make the right choice.

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