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New Book By our Principal -Discover more about working as a writer: where you can earn money, how writers find work, the good and bad, and opportunities working as a professional writer in today's rapidly changing  industry.
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We offer a wide range of articles and courses on all aspects of writing, english and journalism, our courses are all by distance education and can be taken anywhere in the world. Click below to find out more about your interests in english & writing. On the left are links to free information and on the right are some links to our popular courses.


  • How to be a famous writer!
  • How to write for children
  • How to improve my English
  • How to write poems
  • What is dramatic writing
  • Professional writing
Why Study with Us?

Students look for a course today are overwhelmed with choice. Obviously many students are concerned about the quality of the materials and the integrity of the school they are enrolling with.  At ACS we believe that first and foremost it is the quality of our tutors and the interaction with our students that makes our courses stand out.  This is why we publish our tutor's names and qualifications and provide free course counselling and advice that comes from our tutors not from someone who is not involved in the courses. 

If you have any questions, please contact us here or phone on (UK) +44 1384 442752.


"Having a (tutor) who is able to critique  my work was essential. I needed to know where my strengths and weaknesses lie. An informed and knowledgeable tutor helps a lot".

Wendy ACS Graduate

Our courses are designed to be studied from home anywhere in the world, we have students from Mongolia to Mauritius, in fact we have students in over 50 countries world wide, making us a truely international institution.  We aim to provide practical, informative and relevant courses to our students as well as unlimited tutor contact time.  Find out for yourself.

Our Writing Deparment has distance education courses in:

Freelance Writing

Advanced Freelance Writing



Efficient Writing

Writing Fiction

Children’s Writing

Creative Writing

Technical Writing

Dramatic Writing


Editing I and II

Publishing I, II and III

Certificate in Journalism

Diploma in Journalism

Course Writing (Development)

Medical Terminology

Legal Terminology

Research Project I

Research Project II

Research Project III

Research Project IV

Workshop I

Workshop II

Workshop III

HTML (Writing a web site)


Certificate in Web Site Development

Advertising & Promotions

Certificate in Photojournalism   

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