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Advanced Certificate in Event Management

Course CodeVRE052
Fee CodeAC
Duration (approx)900 hours
QualificationAdvanced Certificate

Study Event Management by Distance Learning

Are You Energetic and a Good Organiser?

Make a career out of managing events - if you love organising events, whether fun or corporate, this is the online course could be for you.

Event management encompasses a very diverse range of vocational opportunities; from planning weddings and private parties to staging concerts, sporting events or exhibitions.

Skilled event managers find employment with both government and private enterprises and others as self employed small business proprietors.

Study Event Management for a Career in the Events Industry

  • Start your own business (Wedding planner, Party planner, Exhibition company, Conference organiser, etc.).
  • Subcontract your services to organisers of shows, conferences, concerts etc.
  • Work in established exhibition companies.
  • Work for resorts, hotels, reception centres, exhibition and conference venues, sporting venues or other enterprises involved with provision of events.
  • Work for public or non profit bodies involved with running events such as festivals, celebrations, cultural events, program launches, receptions, etc.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate in Event Management.
 Business Studies BBS101
 Food & Beverage Management (Catering) BTR102
 Marketing Foundations VBS109
 Research Project I BGN102
 Workplace Health & Safety VBS103
 Event Management BRE209
 Leisure Facility Management 1 BRE205
 Project Management BBS201
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 1 of the following 13 modules.
 Financial (Money) Management BBS104
 Industrial Psychology BPS103
 Leadership BBS110
 Motivation VBS111
 Personnel Management VBS107
 Sales Management BBS102
 Tourism 1 BTR103
 Advertising and Promoting BBS202
 Bar Service VTR204
 Entrepreneurship BBS204
 Adventure Tourism BTR302
 Business Planning BBS302
 Leisure Facility Management II BRE306

Note that each module in the Advanced Certificate in Event Management is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Some events occur almost naturally, whilst others need to be initiated from a very original, creative, and sometimes obscure thought.

Naturally Occurring Events

The stimulus for these events may not always be obvious. Many organisations conduct events simply because “that is what this type of organisation does.” A garden club would conduct an annual flower competition or show, because most garden clubs do that. A trade association would conduct an annual trade show, because that is what most trade associations do.

For example:

  • A visit by an extraordinary celebrity, public speaker, sporting personality or musician will frequently initiate the organisation of an event to capitalize on the opportunity of their presence.
  • When people decide to play sport or music together; this invariably leads to events being organised to display their performance.
  • When people form organisations such as clubs, societies, associations, or professional institutes meet, it becomes a natural progression to organize conferences, seminars or shows and exhibitions relevant to the group.

Creating New and Original Events

The stimulus to initiate some types of events may come from a creative mind that either intentionally or unintentionally foresees an opportunity to do something different. In some instances, the motivation for this new idea might be financial gain, but in other instances, the motivation may be more altruistic (for the social good, or simply for the fun of it).

Success is not a matter of money. An innovative approach may often attract more visitors, or at least more profit, and still cost less to stage. The opportunity for repeat business is also more likely for innovative event managers.

  • Educate yourself to have an eye for detail.
  • Always offer your client the best possible quality to suit their budget.
  • Always have a professional approach to an event, no matter how large or small.

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Sarah RedmanB.Bus (Marketing), Cert Bus.Admin Over 15 years industry experience covering marketing, PR, administration, event management and training, both in private enterprise and government; in Australia and the UK. Sarah has traveled extensively and enjoys cooking and outdoor pursuits.
Kate GibsonKate has 12 years experience as a marketing advisor and experience as a project manager. Kate has traveled and worked in a variety of locations including London, New Zealand and Australia. Kate has a B.Soc.Sc, Post-Grad. Dip. Org Behaviour (HR).
Timothy WalkerB.A.(Botany), RHS.M. Hort., P.G.Dip.Ed.

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