Associate Diploma in Agronomy

Course CodeVAG071
Fee CodeAS
Duration (approx)1500 hours
QualificationAssociate Diploma

Learn to grow broad acre crops

Study arable farming practices.  This qualification is ideal for people who want to learn skills and knowledge in agronomy.


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  • Apply the learning on-farm through tasks and activities.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Associate Diploma in Agronomy.
 Machinery and Equipment (Engineering I) BSC105
 Soil Management (Agriculture) BAG103
 Irrigation (Crops) BHT204
 Agronomy BAG306
 Agronomy II (Growing Grain Crops) BAG309
 Agronomy III (Root Crops) BAG310
 Agronomy IV - Arable Farming Legumes BAG311
 Agronomy V - Oil Crops BAG312
 Agronomy VI - Fibre Crops BAG313
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 6 of the following 12 modules.
 Farm Management BAG104
 Herb Culture BHT114
 Plant Health (Horticulture III) BHT116
 Cut Flower Production BHT221
 Engineering Applications (Engineering II) BSC205
 Farm Tourism BTR205
 Sustainable Agriculture BAG215
 Agricultural Marketing BAG304
 Agricultural Regeneration BAG314
 Organic Agriculture and Farming BAG305
 Plant Taxonomy BHT344
 Soil Microbiome Management BSC310

Note that each module in the Associate Diploma in Agronomy is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

A Team Of Experts Helps You To Agronomy In Varied Ways

What matters is the knowledge you retain when your studies finish, and your capacity to keep learning and applying what you learn in different and often unforeseen contexts you encounter long after you cease being a student.

The qualification you receive may help you kick start a career, but this ability to apply knowledge and keep growing as a agriculture professional is what makes the biggest difference to your long term career or farming success.

We provide the support of a whole team of experts to support you as a student.

We treat every student as the unique individual that they are, with only one goal to improve your capacity in agronomy.

What Next?
There are endless opportunities for anyone with a passion and persistence to succeed in farming.

Ideal course for anyone: 
Starting a small farm.
Find a job in farming.
Developing in demand skills in agriculture.

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