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Qualification - Advanced Certificate in Urban Sustainability

Course CodeVEN030
Fee CodeAC
Duration (approx)900 hours
QualificationAdvanced Certificate

Learn how to make life more sustainable in Cities

for individual and communities

for better physical, mental and even financial wellbeing.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Advanced Certificate in Urban Sustainability.
 Industry Project BIP000
 Self Sufficiency I ASS100
 Permaculture Systems BHT201
 Social Psychology I BPS205
 Biophilic Landscaping BHT343
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 4 of the following 14 modules.
 Industry Project II BIP001
 Building Renovation BSS104
 Financial (Money) Management BBS104
 Renewable Energy VSS102
 Self Sufficiency II ASS101
 Starting A Small Business VBS101
 Climate Science BSC208
 Commercial Vegetable Production BHT222
 Environmental Waste Management BEN202
 Green Walls and Roofs BHT256
 Healthy Buildings I BSS200 (Building Construction and Health) BSS200
 Hydroponics II - Hydroponic Management BHT213
 Wildlife Conservation BEN206
 Aquaponic Farming BHT319

Note that each module in the Qualification - Advanced Certificate in Urban Sustainability is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.