Qualification - Certificate in Food Coaching and Nutrition (Weight Loss Specialism)

Course CodeVRE042
Fee CodeCT
Duration (approx)600 hours

Train as a food coach specialising in weight loss

Help clients to lose weight.

This 600 hour certificate qualification looks at food and nutrition, weight loss consultancy, food coaching and nutrition for weight loss.

You can start at any time to suit you and study the course by distance learning.

Suitable for -

  • People interested in helping people to lose weight.
  • People interested in food coaching.
  • Those already working in the food industry who would like to learn more.
  • People looking for continuing professional development or to improve their existing knowledge.
  • Slimming club leaders.
  • Catering staff.
  • Teachers.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Certificate in Food Coaching and Nutrition (Weight Loss Specialism) .
 Food Coaching VRE110
 Human Nutrition and Food 1 BRE102
 Human Nutrition and Food II BRE202
 Nutrition For Weight Control BRE210
 Human Nutrition and Food III BRE302
 Weight Loss Consultation Course BRE307

Note that each module in the Qualification - Certificate in Food Coaching and Nutrition (Weight Loss Specialism) is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Some notes from the Weight Loss Consultants Course


Portion control is an essential element of any effective dietary plan. Various studies have shown that our portions have increased over the years and also that where we are presented with more foods on our plates than we require most people will eat more without thinking of it. There are many reasons why our portions of food have increased e.g. due to increasing food availability and competition between food manufacturers and restaurants to sell more of their products.  Our food portions can also be adversely affected by those around us. For example, some clients will report that their food portions increased when they first left home and ate with friends in school/ college, while others will describe the fact that their food portions increased after getting married/ starting to live with another person.


How can we begin to address portion size?

Firstly, the good news is that most clients will still feel satisfied when they eat less, although they may need to be convinced of this! For example, one study rated customer satisfaction following a pasta meal in a restaurant. Here some customers were served a standard portion while others were served a portion that was 50% larger. The study found that many customers served the larger meal ate nearly all of it consuming 720.13kJ more joules than those served the standard portion. Interestingly while those served a larger meal ate more of it, survey responses showed that customers rated the size of both portions as equally appropriate to their needs.

General tips to help clients reduce portion size

  • Save your left overs and keep seconds out of sight. If you have cooked too much for a main meal avoid the temptation to overeat by distributing left overs into freezable containers to consume at a later date.
  • Try eating a salad or vegetables before a main meal or making it a significant part of the meal (about half of the plate size). This will help you to feel fuller sooner as vegetables are low in KJ and also a good source of fibre which helps to fill us up.
  • Snack foods can be high in kJ and can come in large portion sizes e.g. a large bag of tortilla chips or crisps can be almost as cheap as smaller counterparts. In view of this try to distribute full sized packages into smaller individual portion bags and containers.
  • Watch your plate size.  Our portion sizes have increased along with increases to our dinner plate size. You may wish to buy a smaller plate or a child’s plate to reduce your portion size. Also consider asking for child’s serving when eating out.


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