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Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Permaculture

Course CodeVSS116
Fee CodeFD
Duration (approx)1000 hours
QualificationFoundation Diploma

Become a Permaculture Expert with this 1000 hour course.  The course is studied by distance learning and you are supported all the way by our excellent tutors, who are all experts in their own field.  Learn more about permaculture, organics, aquaponics and more. 

Complete nine 100 hour modules looking at Permaculture, Organic Farming and Self-Sufficiency. Then choose one elective module that interests you from Alternative Energy, Aquaponics or Aquaculture.

Pass the 100 hour Permaculture Systems course and you will also be awarded a Permaculture Design Certificate.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Permaculture .
 Permaculture I (Permaculture Foundations) VSS104
 Permaculture II VSS105
 Permaculture III VSS106
 Permaculture IV VSS107
 Self Sufficiency I ASS100
 Self Sufficiency II ASS101
 Permaculture Systems BHT201
 Advanced Permaculture BHT301
 Organic Agriculture and Farming BAG305
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 1 of the following 3 modules.
 Alternative Energy VSS102
 Fish Farming & Aquaculture BAG211
 Aquaponic Farming BHT319

Note that each module in the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Permaculture is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

How the Foundation Diploma is Assessed

The Foundation Diploma requires approximately 1000 hours of study. It is made up of ten 100 hour modules.


To pass the course –


  1. Pass all assignments on the ten 100 hour modules. There will be an assignment at the end of each lesson to submit to your tutor for marking and feedback.
  2. Pass ten examinations – one on each module. These are usually taken at the end of the module and can be arranged at a time and location to suit you.


This qualification is accredited by IARC (International Accreditation and Recognition Council).

Any questions?

Our tutors are more than happy to help and advise you with any questions regarding the course. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

If you want to get started in permaculture for personal or professional reasons, then this is the course for you. Study in your own home and learn more about permaculture and organic living. Why delay? Get started today.

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