Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Marketing

Course CodeVBS113
Fee CodeFD
Duration (approx)1000 hours
QualificationFoundation Diploma

Learn Marketing to Grow and Improve Business.

  • Your own business
  • A client's business
  • An employers business

Understanding the principles of marketing is important in today's fast paced world.

There is so much to know and understand to ensure you are marketing your goods and services well. This course requires around 1000 hours of study. It is made up of ten 100 hour modules.

When Can I Start the Course?

You can start the course at any time to suit you.

How is the Course Assessed?

There are ten exams for the course, one at the end of each module.

There are also assignments at the end of each lesson. For example, Internet Marketing has eight lessons, so there are eight assignments.

To pass the course, you must pass all assignments and the exams.

Our tutors are there to help you with advice and support throughout the course.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Marketing.
 E Commerce Marketing BIT100
 Marketing Foundations VBS109
 Marketing Psychology BPS107
 Advertising and Promoting BBS202
 Internet Marketing BIT204
 Horticultural Marketing BHT304
 Marketing Systems BBS303
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 3 of the following 9 modules.
 Business Studies BBS101
 Leisure Management (Marketing) BRE103
 Sales Skills VBS108
 Starting A Small Business VBS101
 Entrepreneurship BBS204
 Project Management BBS201
 Agricultural Marketing BAG304
 Copywriting BWR310
 Professional Practice For Consultants BBS301

Note that each module in the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Marketing is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Selling Sounds Easy -But it isn't

For the inexperienced, business success may appear simply a matter of selling more, to make more profit.

If it was so simple though; everyone would have a thriving business; and the reality is that most businesses don't thrive because they don't sell enough at a high enough price.

The marketing education you get from this course will improve your ability to not only sell more; but also sell it at a good price.

The key to marketing is to raise the visibility of the product or service you wish to sell and convince people that your product is preferable to alternatives.  The internet is a vital component to the marketing mix of any business. It is one of the main places that people are able to place products or services to make them more visible for potential customers. There is so much information on the internet, however, that it is very easy for anything you put there to go unnoticed

If you want to be noticed it is important what you say, how you say it, who you say it to and where and when you say it.

  • Recognise Information Overload - People are constantly being bombarded with an excess of information; every split second we are confronted with something new. It is easy therefore, when you are marketing a product, to be overlooked by potential customers. And even if they have some interest in your message, they may not take-in what you are trying to convey in any great detail. Therefore, visual images are important; a good visual image will capture the reader’s attention and they may then feel compelled to read on. Also being seen in as many places as possible by your target audience is also very important. Your website should be easy to navigate and for people to use over a variety of devices. The wording that you choose to use on a webpage must be powerful and informing.  Never forget that there are thousands of other companies on a worldwide scale who are also vying for your customer’s attention.
  • Become Readily Accessible – When people search for things on the internet, some things are easier to find than others.  This may even be the case when people are specifically searching for your business. The more ways that people can find you, the more likely they are to succeed. Different prospective customers will search for your services in different places, and using different search terms.  You need to predetermine how they will look for you, and build lots of different pathways that lead them to your web page / social media pages etc.

So, do you want to become a marketing expert?

  Do you want to improve your business turnover?

  Do you want to improve your knowledge of marketing?

  Do you want to improve your job and career prospects?


  If you want to learn more about marketing, then why not enrol today and get started!  

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