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Computer courses
We have a range of courses available to suit people interested in I.T. at ACS Distance Education. Whether you are studying as a hobby, to further your existing knowledge or to develop a successful I.T. career, we have the course to suit your needs.

Programming Courses

  • ASP .NET
    This is a comprehensive course focusing on Microsoft's ASP .NET using Visual Studio.NET.
  • Visual Basic .NET
    This is a comprehensive course focusing on Microsoft's Visual Basic .NET. The course starts with the basics before moving through to building full applications.
  • SQL for the Web
    The next step up from the ASP .NET Programming, this course will expand on website database development techniques and show you how to develop very powerful web applications using Microsofts' SQL server.
    Familiarity with ASP, ADO and Access development is a pre-requisite.

More Courses

We have a range of short courses from Computer Servicing to Website Development to E-Commerce. We also offer a Proficiency Award in Computer Servicing, Proficiency Award in Computer Programming, Certificate in Information Technology, Certificate in Electronic Journalism and a Certificate in Website Development. For those wanting to go even further, we have an Associate Diploma in Information Technology, Associate Diploma in E-Commerce and an Associate Diploma in Information Technology Management. All of our high-end courses are internationally accredited and quite comprehensive. 

Online Training

ACS  has an online training system, available at This exciting system allows us to deliver courses via the internet with new features such as multimedia demonstrations, videos, chatting with tutors and even self assessment testing.

Need Help?

Take advantage of our personalised, expert course counselling service to ensure you're making the best course choices for your situation.