Qualification - Advanced Diploma In Horticulture (Crops)

Course CodeVHT009
Fee CodeAD
Duration (approx)2400 hours
QualificationAdvanced Diploma

Learn Production Horticulture by Distance Education

  • As a grower, manager, farmer
  • As a technician, consultant
  • In allied trades (marketing, business or management


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Advanced Diploma In Horticulture (Crops).
 Biochemistry I (Plants) BSC102
 Botany I - Plant Physiology And Taxonomy BSC104
 Crops I (Outdoor Plant Production) BHT112
 Horticultural Research I BHT118
 Machinery and Equipment (Engineering I) BSC105
 Soil Management - Horticulture BHT105
 Horticultural Research II BHT241
 Horticultural Resource Management BHT203
 Plant Protection BHT207
 Protected Plant Production BHT223
 Horticultural Marketing BHT304
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 14 of the following 32 modules.
 Forestry BAG109
 Workshop I BGN103
 Commercial Vegetable Production BHT222
 Culinary Herbs VHT242
 Cut Flower Production BHT221
 Cutting Propagation BHT211
 Fruit Production (Temperate Climate) BHT218
 Fruit Production (Warm Climate) BHT217
 Greenhouse Management BHT257
 Hydroponics I BHT224
 Hydroponics II - Hydroponic Management BHT213
 Medicinal Herbs BHT227
 Nut Production BHT219
 Oenology BHT258
 Permaculture Systems BHT201
 Seed Propagation BHT237
 Viticulture BHT220
 Workshop II BGN203
 Advanced Permaculture BHT301
 Agronomy II (Growing Grain Crops) BAG309
 Agronomy III (Root Crops) BAG310
 Agronomy IV - Arable Farming Legumes BAG311
 Agronomy V - Oil Crops BAG312
 Agronomy VI - Fibre Crops BAG313
 Aquaponic Farming BHT319
 Berry Production BHT309
 Bush Tucker Plants: Growing and Using BHT328
 Hydroponics III BHT321
 Mushroom Production BHT310
 Oil Crop Production (Agronomy V) BAG312
 Organic Plant Culture BHT302
 Warm Climate Nuts BHT308

Note that each module in the Qualification - Advanced Diploma In Horticulture (Crops) is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.



Graduates from this course have a foundation for growing just about any crop they choose to grow.

Even if you don't study the specific crops; the principles you learn and the scientific and commercial understanding which you develop, will lay a foundation that allows you to adapt to any type of job or any type of crop you find yourself confronted with. For a farm to remain sustainable, certain minimum productivity levels must be maintained, using preferred plant species on an ongoing basis. These plants may be pasture species, fodder crops, grain, vegetables, fruit or other harvested plants.

This course lays a very solid foundation for business or employment in any type of Horticultural Crop Production; whether on or off farm, growing or supporting growers. This course is very much focussed on giving you knowledge and skills that are in demand, and laying a foundation for you to develop a very solid career as a professional in the cropping industry.

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