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Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Organisational Psychology

Course CodeVPS020
Fee CodeFD
Duration (approx)1000 hours
QualificationFoundation Diploma
Study Organisational Psychology!
  • Learn how to use psychological theories to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workforce.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the organisation, using psychological principles.
  • If you work in business or organisations and wish to improve efficiency, then study organisational psychology to find out more.
  • Improve your own job and career prospects along the way!
  • Study in your own home with support from our expert tutors.
  • There are FIVE CORE modules including - Industrial Psychology, Personnel Management, Careers Counselling, Developmental Psychology and Business Coaching. 
  • You then choose FIVE ELECTIVE modules from a list of business and psychology courses. 
  • The course is flexible to meet your needs.
  • More information on the modules below -

CORE MODULES  These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Foundation Diploma in Organisational Psychology.
  Industrial Psychology BPS103
  Personnel Management VBS107
  Careers Counselling BPS202
  Developmental Psychology BPS210
  Business Coaching BBS304
Elective Modules
In addition to the core modules, students study any 5 of the following 15 modules.
  Industry Project BIP000
  Biopsychology I BPS108
  Counselling Skills I BPS109
  Educational Psychology BPS105
  Leadership BBS110
  Marketing Psychology BPS107
  Motivation VBS111
  Stress Management VPS100
  Supervision VBS104
  Workplace Health & Safety VBS103
  Workshop I BGN103
  Advertising and Promotions BBS202
  Biopsychology II BPS204
  Relationships & Communication Counselling BPS208
  Life Coaching BPS305 

Note that each module in the Foundation Diploma in Organisational Psychology is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.


Do you want to improve your knowledge of organisational and industrial psychology?
Do you want to improve your own business or the organisation you work for?
Do you want to learn more about the psychology behind organisational psychology?
Then Enrol Today and start learning about organisational psychology!

Meet some of our academics

Tracey JonesWidely published author, Psychologist, Manager and Lecturer. Over 10 years working with ACS and 25 years of industry experience. Qualifications include: B.Sc. (Hons) (Psychology), M.Soc.Sc (social work), Dip. SW (social work), PGCE (Education), PGD (Learning Disability Studies).
Kate GibsonKate has 12 years experience as a marketing advisor and experience as a project manager. Kate has traveled and worked in a variety of locations including London, New Zealand and Australia. Kate has a B.Soc.Sc, Post-Grad. Dip. Org Behaviour (HR).
Gavin ColePsychologist, Educator, Author, Psychotherapist. B.Sc., Psych.Cert., M. Psych. Cert.Garden Design, MACA Gavin is both a highly experienced Psychologist and tutor. Gavin has over 25 years experience in the Psychology industry, and has been working with ACS since 2001. He has worked in both Australia and England, and has been involved in writing numerous books and courses in Psychology and Counselling

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