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Qualification - Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development

Course CodeVBS028
Fee CodeCT
Duration (approx)620 hours

Become an Innovator in Business

If you have any natural capacity to be an entrepreneur, this course can nurture and build on your raw talent.

To be successful as an entrepreneur may require inherent characteristics that cannot be learnt by just studying, but it also requires the right mix of attitude, awareness, knowledge and measured action.

If you have any natural capacity to be an entrepreneur, this course can nurture and build on your raw talent.


To be an innovator or entrepreneur in business doesn't mean you have to be out their on your own trying to raise the funds that you need for your next great idea to become reality. Innovators work in businesses, big and small, they are sought after for being able to think outside of the square.  They foresee future trends, not by using a 'looking glass', but by sound business insights, research and creative thought and can help business to capitalise on those trends by producing new services and products - before the competition thinks of them.

Have you the right mind to be an entrepreneur or business innovator? Do you have the ideas but don't quite know where to go from there? This course is designed to help focus those ideas and build them into sound business developments. It will help you to develop your skills and keep ahead of the pack.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development.
 Consumer Behaviour SGB2
 Entrepreneurship BBS204
 Operations Management VBS201
 Business Planning BBS302
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 10 modules.
 Industry Project BIP000
 Bookkeeping Foundations BBS103
 E Commerce Marketing BIT100
 Financial (Money) Management BBS104
 Motivation VBS111
 Research Project I BGN102
 Robotics BSC116
 Advertising and Promoting BBS202
 Research Project II BGN201
 Research Project III BGN202

Note that each module in the Qualification - Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

This course will:
  • Help you to understand the skills needed to work as a business innovator
  • Help you go to the next step in your job or open up new opportunities to develop your ideas


This course is ideal for:

  • Business owners
  • Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Business developers
  • Those aspiring to a higher position in their profession


Why Study With ACS?

This course would be about three years of full time study at most colleges. Under our system however you have the ultimate in flexibility. Study where and when it suits you. Start whenever you like. Hit the course hard and fast, or take your time and study the modules you need when you need them and when you're ready. Our assignments are also designed to be relevant and flexible, to work in with your own workplace circumstances or career plans.Our academic staff take pride in their student support skills - we support our students by encouraging questions, by answering them promptly and by treationg each of our students as an individual with unique learning needs.

  • Distance education doesn't mean you're going it alone - you have tutor support every step of the way
  • Don't follow the crowd - develop uniqueness and skills unlike others in your field
  • Resources are extensive and under continuous revision
  • Study to suit your commitments - your education doesn't need to stop as life make demands
  • Our program design has less focus on assessment and more on your lifelong learning
  • Affordable study and payment options available
  • Our independence from government means we can offer courses suited exactly to employer needs and wants chance of business success.


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