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Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Wellness Coaching

Course CodeVPS037
Fee CodeFD
Duration (approx)1000 hours
QualificationFoundation Diploma

A Foundation in Wellness - can underpin a multitude of career opportunities

Even opportunities not even conceived yet.

This course can be a very real investment in future employment security.

We all hear media buzz about how fast the world is changing and how most future jobs have not even been conceived. That is true; but it's also true that humans will always be concerned about their well being. People will always have a need for services to reduce the risk of health and wellbeing  problems, and other services to respond appropriately to those problems when they arise.

  • One part of this course gives you a fundamental understanding of the human physical and psychological condition, and develops your awareness of and capacity to respond to needs as they evolve and emerge in the future.
  • The other part of the course develops your capacity to assist and advise people to maintain or improve a better level of wellness in their lives.
The exact job opportunities of the future are uncertain. We can't be sure if fitness instructors or life coaches will be good career paths, or if the world will change. We can be fairly sure, though, that there will be strong employment opportunities for people with an understanding of wellness, and the empathy and communication skills to help others in need.


Core ModulesThese modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Wellness Coaching.
 Health and Wellbeing BRE101
 Human Biology 1A (Anatomy and Physiology) BSC101
 Introduction To Psychology BPS101
 Research Project I BGN102
 Life Coaching BPS305
Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 5 of the following 15 modules.
 Human Nutrition and Food 1 BRE102
 Stress Management VPS100
 Workshop I BGN103
 Advanced Aerobics BRE208
 Aquafitness BRE207
 Careers Counselling BPS202
 Counselling Techniques BPS206
 Ethics BPS217
 Healthy Buildings I BSS200 (Building Construction and Health) BSS200
 Microbiology BSC209
 Relationships And Communication Counselling BPS208
 Resistance and Gym Supervision BRE206
 Biophilic Landscaping BHT343
 Business Coaching BBS304
 Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) BSS300

Note that each module in the Qualification - Foundation Diploma in Wellness Coaching is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

Why Study this Course?

This course will provide you with extensive knowledge and skills in management, applicable to the leisure industry. If you have a career goal to work in recreational management, this course is a great starting point. It incorporates core management modules with the freedom to then specialise in a stream, followed by the application of this knowledge through an Industry Project.


Why Study With ACS?

Under our system however you have the ultimate in flexibility. Study where and when it suits you. Start whenever you like. Hit the course hard and fast, or take your time and study the modules you need when you need them and when you're ready. Our assignments are also designed to be relevant and flexible, to work in with your own workplace circumstances or career plans.Our academic staff take pride in their student support skills - we support our students by encouraging questions, by answering them promptly and by treationg each of our students as an individual with unique learning needs.

  • Distance education doesn't mean you're going it alone - you have tutor support every step of the way
  • Don't follow the crowd - develop uniqueness and skills unlike others in your field
  • Resources are extensive and under continuous revision
  • Study to suit your commitments - your education doesn't need to stop as life make demands
  • Our program design has less focus on assessment and more on your lifelong learning
  • Affordable study and payment options available
  • Our independence from government means we can offer courses suited exactly to employer needs and wants chance of business success.


Where will this course lead?

The following are just some examples of work opportunities this course may provide:
  • Start your own Wellness Business
  • Work for a resort, health club or other organisation as a wellness coach
  • Gain employment in the Leisure Industry