Qualification - Diploma In Applied Science

Course CodeVSC002
Fee CodeDI
Duration (approx)2100 hours

Learn to be a Scientist or Technician


What you can earn through ACS Applied Science Studies

An ACS Certificate or Diploma in Applied Science is designed to provide foundation knowledge beyond secondary education, but with a greater relevance to the practical workplace than academic type university studies. Our qualifications can also be used to bridge the gap between a specific qualification and the needs of a certain position. For example, whilst an irrigation equipment salesperson might be qualified in sales, they might choose to study a Certificate in Applied Science with a major in horticulture to give them that “foundation knowledge” that will allow them to answer those difficult questions from clients. A qualified nurse might take a Certificate in Applied Science with a major in nutrition to increase their ability to advise patients on dietary changes as part of an overall treatment program.

Employment Opportunities

Getting a job in today’s world is determined not only by the sort of qualification you have, but also your personality, presentation, attitude, experience, interests, and ability to adapt to new challenges.
With an ACS qualification in Applied Science, you are better prepared to enter a science oriented” workplace, learn faster on the job, and become a more useful employee within a shorter period of time.
There are in fact fewer jobs today (per capita) that require a degree than there were in the past. Despite this, today more than in the past, employers do tend to seek certain specific knowledge and skills in employees.

What do Employers Think?
A qualification that has required hard work to attain will be an indication to an employer that you have a certain level of drive and commitment.
An understanding of the industry and discipline which the job encompasses will indicate that you are more likely to learn faster and become useful to the employer sooner. We design our courses with these things in mind.

Where Might a Certificate or Diploma Lead?

  • Certificates are generally going to lead you to being an “assistant” of some kind. Whilst it varies, assistants in the field of science might become employed as laboratory assistants and technical assistants.
  • Diplomas generally offer the possibility of a position of greater responsibility (although some diploma graduates might never move beyond an assistant position). People with Diplomas might become Technical Officers, Technical Advisors, Freelance Consultants (in some fields), and Technical Sales Managers.


Elective ModulesIn addition to the core modules, students study any 10 of the following 54 modules.
 Industry Project BIP000
 Alternative Energy VSS102
 Biochemistry I (Animal) BSC103
 Biopsychology I BPS108
 Botany I - Plant Physiology And Taxonomy BSC104
 Cellular Biology BSC110
 Electronics BSC113
 Geology BSC115
 Html - Writing An Internet Website VIT102
 Human Biology 1A (Anatomy and Physiology) BSC101
 Introduction to Forensic Science BSC114
 Mechanics BSS102
 Research Project I BGN102
 Robotics BSC116
 Vertebrate Zoology BEN104
 Applied Physics (Physics II) BSC210
 Biochemistry II (Plant and Animal) BSC203
 Biopsychology II BPS204
 Botany II - Applied Plant Physiology BSC204
 C Sharp Programming BIT211
 CAD - Computer Aided Design BIT209
 Climate Science BSC208
 Earth Science BEN204
 Engineering Applications (Engineering II) BSC205
 Entrepreneurship BBS204
 Genetics BSC207
 Human Biology IB (Bioenergetics) BSC201
 Human Biology II (Muscles and Movement) BSC202
 Information Security BIT203
 Innovation Management BBS209
 Invertebrate Zoology BEN218
 Javascript BIT202
 Materials Technology VSS202
 Nanotechnology BIT208
 Oenology BHT258
 Physics BSC206
 Project Management BBS201
 Research Project II BGN201
 Research Project III BGN202
 Small Equipment Repair VSS203
 Wildlife Management BEN205
 Biochemistry III (Animal Processes) BSC303
 Cardiorespiratory Health BSC301
 Climate Science II BSC309
 Genetic Applications BSC308
 Human Microbiome Management BSC311
 Neuropsychology BPS306
 Plant Conservation BHT346
 Plant Ecology BSC305
 Plant Taxonomy BHT344
 Professional Practice For Consultants BBS301
 Psychopharmacology (Drugs and Psychology) BPS302
 Statistics BSC304
 Technical Writing (Advanced) BWR301

Note that each module in the Qualification - Diploma In Applied Science is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

What's Different About this Diploma?

  • Options to choose electives that you don't find in similar diplomas elsewhere.
  • A longer, more in depth diploma than what is offered at many other colleges (Compare the duration -2100 hours). Study more, learn more, go further in your career or business.
  • A stronger focus on learning (some colleges focus more on assessment than we do -but we believe that what you learn is what makes the difference)
  • Exceptional tutors...compare the qualifications and experience of our staff (see staff profiles at ... http://www.acsedu.com/about-us/our-staff.aspx)  ....after all, it doesn't make sense to choose where to study if you don't first know who will be teaching you.


 Career Opportunities

Study alone can never guarantee career success; but a good education is an important starting point.

Success in a career depends upon many things. A course like this is an excellent starting point because it provides a foundation for continued learning, and the means of understanding and dealing with issues you encounter in the workplace.

When you have completed an ACS course, you will have not only learnt about the subject, but you will have been prompted to start networking with experts in the discipline and shown how to approach problems that confront you in this field.

This and every other industry in today’s world is developing in unforeseen ways; and while that is unsettling for anyone who wants to be guaranteed a particular job at the end of a particular course; for others, this rapidly changing career environment is offering new and exciting opportunities almost every month.

If you want to do the best that you can in this industry, you need to recognise that the opportunities that confront you at the end of a course, are probably different to anything that has even been thought of when you commence a course.

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